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Emperor Penguin (Papo)Zoom

Emperor Penguin (Papo)

Item# PAPO-50033
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The most endearing aspect of this figurine is undoubtedly the baby penguin cleverly concealed between the adult penguins front feet. Touching mother / baby combo.

The Papo Emperor Penguin #50033 measures: 3 T.

Papo Emperor Penguin #50033 Review:

From its big barrel belly with its nice feathered texture, this toy captures the essence of the Emperor Penguin perfectly.

The best feature of this figurine, however, is the baby penguin hiding by the front feet of the adult penguin. It is a subtle touch that adds an extra layer of realism to the toy, and it is sure to delight children and adults alike.

The head of the penguin is also particularly well done, with a surprisingly sharp beak that adds to the overall realism of the toy.

Emperor Penguin Information:

Emperor penguins are the largest penguin species and can grow up to 1.1 meters in height, weighing up to 45 kilograms. They are found only in Antarctica, where they inhabit the coldest and harshest environments on the planet. These birds are adapted to extreme cold and are capable of surviving in temperatures as low as -60C.

Emperor penguins have a unique breeding cycle, with the males taking on the responsibility of incubating the eggs while the females go out to sea to feed. The males huddle together in large groups to conserve heat and take turns moving to the center of the group for warmth. After hatching, the chicks stay with their fathers until the mothers return several weeks later with food.

Emperor penguins are also exceptional swimmers, with the ability to dive to depths of over 500 meters and hold their breath for up to 20 minutes. They have a thick layer of blubber and a streamlined body that helps them move through the water with ease.

Part of the Wild Life Series by Papo.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: Papo 50033

by Papo

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Papo Emperor Penguin #50033

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