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Meerkat - Standing (Papo)

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Meerkat  - Standing (Papo)
Meerkat  - Standing (Papo)
Meerkat  - Standing (Papo)
Meerkat  - Standing (Papo)
Meerkat  - Standing (Papo)
Meerkat  - Standing (Papo)
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Meerkats figures are common to find in a standing pose. This is a solid standing figure - rests comfortably on its hind feet and tail.

The Papo Standing Meerkat #50206 measures: 2.8" T x 1.5" Deep.

Papo Standing Meerkat #50206 Review:

There are many options in toy standing meerkat figures - this is a solid choice. We find no major defects in this figure. Most importantly, the one we tested stands well. No lean or wobble. Figure itself is fairly standard. Overall texture is mild relief. Face would be better with more paint variations. A solid overall figure from Papo.

Meerkat Information:

Meerkats are small mammals that are native to parts of Africa. They are members of the mongoose family and can grow up to 11 inches in length and weigh up to 2 pounds. Meerkats have gray and brown fur, a black-tipped tail, and a distinct facial pattern of white rings around the eyes. They have powerful claws and long legs that allow them to stand upright, which they use to survey their surroundings while searching for food.

Meerkats live in large social groups, with each group containing up to 30 individuals. These groups are led by a dominant male and female, and the rest of the group is divided into smaller subgroups. The dominant pair will lead the group in search of food, while the other members of the group keep watch for predators. Meerkats share food and care for their young, and the group will take turns caring for the young and defending them from predators.

Part of the Wild Animal Series by Papo.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: Papo 50206

by Papo

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Meerkat  - Standing (Papo)
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Papo Standing Meerkat #50206

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3 + Years

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Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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