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Red-Eyed Tree Frog (Papo)Zoom

Red-Eyed Tree Frog (Papo)

Item# PAPO-50210
Vibrant colors on this figure including: bright green back, brillaint blue stripes on arms and legs, vivid orange feet and the flamboyant bright red eyes.

The Papo Red-Eyed Tree Frog #50210 measures: 2.8 L x 2.7 W x 1.1T.

Papo Red-Eyed Tree Frog #50210 Review:

The Papo Red-eyed Tree Frog figure is a vibrant and stunning representation of this fascinating species. Its bright green back, bold blue stripes on its arms and legs, and bright orange feet with oversized toes perfectly capture the colorful and unique appearance of this species. Of course, the figure wouldn't be complete without the striking bright red eyes that give it its name.

This figure is a virtual rainbow of colors, making it a true standout in any collection. With its impressive and dynamic pose, it is clear that this figure is ready for action, whether it is climbing, jumping, or just hanging out in the treetops.

Red-Eyed Tree Frog Information:

One of the most distinctive features of the Red-eyed Tree Frog is its bright green coloration on the back and sides, contrasted by bold stripes on its sides and legs. The bright red eyes are another striking feature, making them easily recognizable and one of the most popular species in the pet trade.

These frogs are well-known for their excellent climbing abilities, aided by sticky pads on their toes that allow them to grip and climb any surface with ease. They also possess a remarkable ability to change their color depending on their environment, from bright green to a more muted green or brown, to better blend in with their surroundings.

Part of the Wild Animal Series by Papo.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: Papo 50210

by Papo

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Papo Red-Eyed Tree Frog #50210

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