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Monkey - Golden Lion Tamarin (Papo)

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Monkey - Golden Lion Tamarin (Papo)
Monkey - Golden Lion Tamarin (Papo)
Monkey - Golden Lion Tamarin (Papo)
Monkey - Golden Lion Tamarin (Papo)
Monkey - Golden Lion Tamarin (Papo)
Monkey - Golden Lion Tamarin (Papo)
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This elusive creature is beautifully portrayed with a cute, puggish face framed by a wild, flowing hair mane. Perfectly curled tail adds to the overall charm.

The Papo Golden Lion Tamarin #50227 measures: 3.4" L x 1.3" T.

Papo Golden Lion Tamarin #50227 Review:

A beautifully crafted model of one of the most stunning primates in the world. With its great orangish-brown color, this figurine perfectly captures the natural beauty of the golden lion tamarin. The high relief texture of the fur gives an almost lifelike illusion of hair, adding to the authenticity of this figurine.

The attention to detail is remarkable - the nicely curled tail and the flowing hair mane that surrounds the face, are just a few of the highlights of this figurine. The face of the golden lion tamarin is expertly crafted, with cute, puggish features that are sure to capture the hearts of animal lovers.

Golden Lion Tamarin Information:

The golden lion tamarin is a small New World monkey that is native to the Atlantic coastal forests of Brazil. With its striking golden fur, it is considered one of the most beautiful primates in the world. The golden lion tamarin is also an endangered species, with habitat loss and fragmentation being the primary threats to its survival.

Golden lion tamarins are social animals that live in family groups of 2-8 individuals. They are arboreal and spend most of their time in the trees, where they forage for fruits, insects, and small vertebrates. They have sharp claws and long, slender fingers that allow them to grip and climb trees with ease. They also have specialized teeth for cracking open hard fruits and seeds.

Conservation efforts have been put in place to protect the golden lion tamarin, including habitat restoration and captive breeding programs. As a result of these efforts, the wild population of golden lion tamarins has increased from only a few hundred individuals in the 1980s to over 3,000 individuals today. While the golden lion tamarin is still considered an endangered species, these conservation successes provide hope for the continued survival of this beautiful and important primate.

Part of the Wild Animal Series by Papo.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: Papo 50227

by Papo

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Monkey - Golden Lion Tamarin (Papo)
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Papo Golden Lion Tamarin #50227

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