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Mole (Papo)

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Mole (Papo)
Mole (Papo)
Mole (Papo)
Mole (Papo)
Mole (Papo)
Mole (Papo)
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Toy Mole figures have limited selection. At times, this is the only mole figure we have available. Small but cute figure. Front paws in propulsion mode.

The Papo Mole #50265 measures: 1.7" L x 0.5" T.

Papo Mole #50265 Review:

At times, this is the only mole figure was have available. To scale, this is a small figure. Decent details for it being so small. Rear paws are tucked underneath the figure, but front paws are out and sideway - almost looks like it wants to be swimming. Solid figure from Papo.

Mole Information:

Moles are small mammals that live in the ground, usually in burrows. They are found in many regions of the world, including North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. They are known for their small size, short legs, and long, pointed snout. Moles feed on a variety of small insects and worms. They have a very strong sense of smell and touch, which helps them to locate their prey. They use their front claws to dig and burrow into the ground.

Moles can be beneficial to gardens and lawns as they help aerate the soil and help to increase water drainage. They also help to control grubs and other pests that may harm plants. Moles are not considered a nuisance animal as they rarely cause any damage to buildings or property. However, they can be considered a nuisance when they dig in lawns and gardens, leaving unsightly piles of dirt or species. Moles are also known for their unique behavior. They are often seen "dancing" in their burrows, which is a behavior that is thought to be a way of communicating with other moles.

Part of the Wild Animal Series by Papo.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: Papo 50265

by Papo

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Mole (Papo)
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Papo Mole #50265

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