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Blonde d'Aquitaine (Papo)Zoom

Blonde d'Aquitaine (Papo)

Item# PAPO-51185
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Papo's Blonde d'Aquitaine cow is a lovely cream colored bovine with small cone shaped horns. A gentle expression on their face, captured with a complimenting paint job.

Papo Blonde d'Aquitaine measures: 4.5" L x 1.2" W x 2.7" H.

Papo Blonde d'Aquitaine Review:

A strong beef cattle with blonde hide is represented nicely by this model from Papo. The paint pays good attention to fur and muscle definition of the figure. Add variety to your herd with this blonde cow.

Blonde d'Aquitaine Information:

Blonde d'Aquitaine is a breed of beef cattle that originated in the Aquitaine region of southwestern France. These cows are large and muscular, with a distinctive golden-blonde coat color. They are renowned for their high-quality meat, which is lean, tender, and flavorful.

Blonde d'Aquitaine cows were developed in the mid-19th century by crossing local cattle breeds with Shorthorn and Charolais cattle imported from England. The breed was officially recognized in France in 1962 and has since spread to many other countries, including the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Today, Blonde d'Aquitaine cows are mainly used for beef production, but they are also popular for crossbreeding with other breeds to improve the quality of their offspring's meat. They are known for their docile temperament, easy calving, and high growth rates, which make them a popular choice among farmers and ranchers.

Made of durable synthetic material. Hand Painted.

Product Code: 51185

by Papo

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Papo Farm Animals - Papo Blonde d'Aquitaine #51185

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