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Irish Cob (Papo)Zoom

Irish Cob (Papo)

Item# PAPO-51558
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We love this bay tobiano Cob! A glorious coat & mane transitioning between 3 colors, and the raised front hoof gives the impression of a horse in motion.

Papo Irish Cobmeasures: 5.5" L x 4.3" H.

Papo Irish Cob #51558 Review:

The Papo Irish Cob, released in 2015, is still one of the most beloved Papo equine models. Its beautiful bay tobiano coat stands out, as does its feathered mane and socks. This exquisite Papo model is sure to be admired in your collection. As the living beasts are in real life. I especially enjoy the fact that this horse is standing on 3 hooves with one lifted. Very life-like model!

Irish Cob Information:

The horse of a Gypsy had to possess immense strength and unwavering reliability. Its strength was essential for effortlessly pulling the weighty vardo, while its reliability ensured that it wouldn't easily become startled. The consequences of a spooked horse were grave, as it could bolt and cause a catastrophic disaster if still attached to the Gypsy's cherished wagon home.
Additionally, the Gypsy Horse had to exhibit a remarkable sense of composure around children. Frequently, kids would climb upon and explore every nook and cranny of these horses. Any hint of hostility or ill intent displayed by a horse towards anyone would result in swift action to remove it from the group. After all, the horse was an esteemed and trusted member of the Gypsy family.
Gypsies often faced limited access to high-quality grain, which necessitated a horse capable of maintaining its strength on a meager diet. The Gypsy Horse excelled in this regard. Power, dependability, a serene demeanor, amiable temperament, and robustness were the qualities deliberately bred into the Gypsy Horse to meet the Gypsies' specific needs.
Before World War II, Gypsy Vanners predominantly had solid-colored coats. However, the introduction of multicolored coats into the breed was a strategic decision aimed at deterring their confiscation by Western European governments for use in battle. The specific qualities bred into the Gypsy steed made it an ideal choice as a warhorse.
The military authorities at the time deliberately excluded horses with white color patterns due to their heightened visibility to the enemy. In order to protect their cherished horses from confiscation, the Gypsies resorted to selectively breeding white markings into their horses' coats. This innovative tactic helped disguise the Gypsy Vanners and increased their chances of evading seizure.

Part of the Horse Club Series by Papo.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: Papo 51558

by Papo

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Papo - Irish Cob #51558

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