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Soapstone Totem

Totem - Wolf howling

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Totem - Wolf howling
Totem - Wolf howling
Totem - Wolf howling
Totem - Wolf howling
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Pictured is an example of the variety we have available, when purchased a random stone totem will be selected in that design. Colors will vary.

Wolf Totem measures approximately: 1” L x 1.4” H x 0.5” D

Animal Totem Information:

Peruvian animal totems, also known as "totem animals" or "power animals," are an integral part of traditional Peruvian spirituality, particularly in Andean indigenous cultures such as the Quechua and Aymara peoples. These totems are believed to represent spiritual guides or allies that offer protection, guidance, and empowerment to individuals and communities.


Peruvian indigenous cultures have a deep reverence for nature and believe that animals possess unique qualities and energies that can be harnessed for spiritual growth and healing.

Each animal totem is associated with specific characteristics, traits, and symbolic meanings that reflect its essence and spiritual significance. For example, the condor symbolizes freedom, wisdom, and the spirit of the mountains, while the puma represents strength, leadership, and courage.

People often seek the guidance and protection of their animal totems through rituals, ceremonies, and shamanic practices. Shamans, known as "curanderos" or "paqos," may facilitate the connection between individuals and their totem animals through spiritual journeys or ceremonies involving plant medicines like ayahuasca.

In Andean cosmology, Pachamama, the Earth Mother, is revered as a sacred and nurturing force. Animal totems are believed to be gifts from Pachamama, representing different aspects of her wisdom and energy.

While traditional beliefs and practices surrounding animal totems remain strong in many indigenous communities, they have also been integrated into modern Peruvian spirituality and cultural expressions. Many urban Peruvians, regardless of ethnic background, may incorporate aspects of indigenous cosmology into their spiritual beliefs and practices.

Despite the influences of modernization and globalization, reverence for animal totems and other aspects of indigenous spirituality persists in many parts of Peru. Efforts to preserve and revitalize indigenous knowledge and practices, including the recognition of animal totems, are ongoing in the country.


Soapstone Information:

Soapstone, also known as steatite, is a metamorphic rock primarily composed of talc, with varying amounts of other minerals such as chlorite, pyroxenes, micas, amphiboles, and carbonates. Its name comes from its soapy feel and appearance. Soapstone is typically gray, bluish, green, or brown in color and is relatively soft compared to other stones, making it easy to carve.

Soapstone has been used for centuries in various applications due to its unique properties. It is often used for carving sculptures, making kitchen countertops and sinks, and creating fireplace surrounds and hearths due to its ability to withstand high temperatures. Additionally, it has excellent heat retention properties, making it suitable for use in stoves and ovens.

One of the distinctive features of soapstone is its ability to absorb and radiate heat evenly, which makes it popular for use in cooking and heating applications. It is also chemically inert, non-porous, and resistant to acids and alkalis, making it a durable and low-maintenance material for countertops and other surfaces.

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Totem - Wolf howling
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