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Mosasaurus - Ron (PNSO)

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Mosasaurus - Ron (PNSO)
Mosasaurus - Ron (PNSO)
Mosasaurus - Ron (PNSO)
Mosasaurus - Ron (PNSO)
Mosasaurus - Ron (PNSO)
Mosasaurus - Ron (PNSO)
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This model was recognized as the most accurate Mosasaurus representation in June 2023. It's impressive size dwarfs the other Mosasaurus models.

The PNSO Mosasaurus measures: 17" L x 4" W x 3" T.

PNSO Ron the Mosasaurus #05 Review:

This model is an an absolute monster - easily dwarfing the other mosasaurus models, making it an impressive centerpiece.

The jaw opens and closes to reveal a set of fearsome teeth. What's even more impressive is that the model accurately represents the inner teeth in the upper jaw (although they are not painted).

The texture and coloring on the body are top-notch. The intricate patterns and coloring give it a realistic and lifelike appearance. The underbelly is correctly counter shaded and the presence of a dorsal fin on the back adds to the its overall realism.

One minor flaw is that the rear flippers are slightly undersized, not proportional to the front flippers. This is inconsistent with the fossil record of these beasts.

The inclusion of a display stand is a nice touch, allowing for easy and stylish showcasing.

It's worth mentioning that this model was recognized as the most accurate Mosasaurus representation in June 2023.

Mosasaurus Information:

The Mosasaurus, a formidable marine reptile of the Late Cretaceous period, continues to intrigue scientists and capture the imagination of enthusiasts worldwide. With its massive size, streamlined body, and powerful jaws, the Mosasaurus was an apex predator of the ancient seas.

Measuring up to 50 feet in length, the Mosasaurus possessed a sleek, muscular body and propelled itself through the water with exceptional agility. Its double-hinged jaw, lined with interlocking teeth, allowed it to snatch and devour its prey with remarkable efficiency. Fish, smaller marine reptiles, and ammonites likely made up its diet.

Fossil evidence of the Mosasaurus has provided valuable insights into its anatomy and behavior. Its limb-like structures suggest it may have been capable of limited movement on land, primarily inhabiting the oceans. Its smooth, bluish-grey skin with a white underbelly is thought to have provided effective camouflage in the depths.

Scientific reconstruction sculpture for display. NOT A TOY.

Part of the Dinosaur Series by PNSO.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

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Mosasaurus - Ron (PNSO)
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PNSO Dinosaur Museum Series - Ron The Mosasaurus #05

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