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PNSO - A-Qi The Young SinoceratopsZoom

PNSO - A-Qi The Young Sinoceratops

Item# PNSO-27
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PNSO A-Qi The Young Sinoceratops measures 3.3" T x 3.5" W.x 2.5" W. This is a cute figure with big baby eyes. One of the best looking "baby" dinos.

PNSO A-Qi The Young Sinoceratops Review:
The PNSO A-Qi The Young Sinoceratops model is one of the cutest young / baby dinosaur models currently available. So cute one might forget it will grow up into a dangerous beast. Nice gestures in the face and the big eyes almost make your heart melt. The coloring is well applied over the entire model. Green and tan blend will and the brown highlights make for a nice looking figure. Great figure to pair with the PNSO-40 - Adult A-Qi Sinoceratops.

Sinoceratops Facts:
Sinoceratops means "Chinese horned face." An adult Sinoceratops could reach up to 20 feet long and weigh over 2 tons. Sinoceratops height could reach over 6.5 feet tall.

1:35 scientific reconstruction sculpture for display. NOT A TOY.

High detailed, realistic and exquisite.

PNSO is a specialized organization devoted to Scientific Art creation and research. It was founded in Beijing on June 1, 2010, by Mr. ZHAO Chuang, a Scientific Artist, and Ms. YANG Yang, a science writer for children.

Hand Painted. Product Material: PVC

Product Code: PNSO-27


Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 14+ Years

PNSO - Dinosaur Museum Series - A-Qi The Young Sinoceratops by PNSO 27

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