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PNSO - Lu Xiong the ZhuchengtyrannusZoom

PNSO - Lu Xiong the Zhuchengtyrannus

Item# PNSO-58
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Luxiong has a balanced figure, highly detailed feet in a stepping motion and features an articulated jaw.

PNSO - Luxiong the Zhuchengtyrannus #58 measures: 11.2" L x 4.5" H.

PNSO Luxiong the Zhuchengtyrannus Review:

This figure is an exceptional example of what PNSO has become known for; superior quality and variety. With a detailed model and paint job, articulated poses and accurate physiology. Luxiong has a balanced figure, highly detailed feet in a stepping motion. Though this figure does come with a small clear stand it is not required. Wrinkles and ribs are representative of what you would expect from a living dinosaur. My favorite part of this model is the head and mouth. With special attention paid to the inside, the roof of the mouth looking quite impressive. This figure was released in Feburary, 2022.

Lu Xiong has a Moveable Jaw!

Zhuchengtyrannus Facts:

Zhuchengtyrannus meaning "Zhucheng tyrant" imposes a strong perception of the apex predator they once were while stalking the land. For a therapod Zhuchengtyrannus was on the larger side of the spectrum. Estimated at 33-39 ft in length and weighing up to 5 tons. Lu Xiong the Zhuchengtyrannus lived in the Late Cretaceous. The place it used to live is now known as Zhucheng City, Shandong Province, China. People first knew Lu Xiong because its fossils were buried there. That land was among the places with the most dinosaur fossils. In addition to Lu Xiong the Zhuchengtyrannus, people have also found many dinosaurs from various species here. The most common was a group of herbivorous dinosaurs, the hadrosaurs, and there were also ankylosaurs, ceratopsians, and sauropods. The great variety proved that Lu Xiong’s hometown was a paradise for dinosaurs.

Scientific reconstruction sculpture for display. NOT A TOY.

High detailed, realistic and exquisite.
Product Name: Luxiong the Zhuchengtyrannus

PNSO is a specialized organization devoted to Scientific Art creation and research. It was founded in Beijing on June 1, 2010, by Mr. ZHAO Chuang, a Scientific Artist, and Ms. YANG Yang, a science writer for children.

Hand Painted. Product Material: PVC

Product Code: PNSO-58


Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 14+ Years

PNSO Dinosaur Museum Series - Luxiong the Zhuchengtyrannus #58

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