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Lufengosaurus - Yiran (PNSO)

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Lufengosaurus - Yiran (PNSO)
Lufengosaurus - Yiran (PNSO)
Lufengosaurus - Yiran (PNSO)
Lufengosaurus - Yiran (PNSO)
Lufengosaurus - Yiran (PNSO)
Lufengosaurus - Yiran (PNSO)
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PNSO has a new dinosaur model in 2024! Yiran the Lufengosaurus exudes strength, with its large neck and tail. Stripes running the length of its muscular hide.

PNSO Yiran the Lufengosaurus measures: 9.8" L X 2.1" W X 4.1" H


PNSO Yiran the Lufengosaurus Review:

The Lufengosaurus figurine shines with its exquisite attention to detail, particularly evident in its meticulously crafted mouth that elegantly showcases the fine teeth. 

Equally impressive was the head, relatively small, roughly shaped like a rectangle. Its mouth- full of tiny teeth. These details speak volumes about the manufacturer's dedication to accuracy and realism.

Additionally, this model semonstrates the often bipedalhindlimbs. Its forelimbs with their sharp claws that could defend against predators. Hindlimbs with toes, one of which had degenerated quite tiny and was wrapped inside skin, making it appear to only have four toes. These four toes were relatively developed and modeled nicely for this figure based on fossil findings.

Lufengosaurus Information:

Lufengosaurus is a genus of herbivorous sauropodomorph dinosaur that lived during the Early Jurassic period, around 200 million years ago. Here are some key points about Lufengosaurus:

  1. Discovery: Lufengosaurus fossils were first discovered in the Lufeng Basin in Yunnan Province, China, in the 1930s. It was one of the first dinosaurs to be discovered in China.

  2. Physical Characteristics: Lufengosaurus was a quadrupedal dinosaur with a long neck and tail, typical of sauropodomorphs. It had a relatively small head compared to its body size.

  3. Size: It was a medium-sized dinosaur, reaching lengths of about 6-9 meters (20-30 feet) and likely weighing several tons.

  4. Herbivorous Diet: Like other sauropodomorphs, Lufengosaurus was herbivorous, feeding on plants. Its teeth were adapted for stripping vegetation.

  5. Taxonomy: Lufengosaurus belongs to the group known as sauropodomorphs, which includes some of the earliest and most primitive members of the sauropod lineage.

  6. Paleoecology: Lufengosaurus lived in a lush, forested environment during the Early Jurassic. It likely coexisted with other dinosaurs and early mammal relatives.

  7. Significance: Lufengosaurus is important in understanding the early evolution of sauropodomorph dinosaurs, which eventually gave rise to the gigantic sauropods of the later Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

Overall, Lufengosaurus provides valuable insights into the early diversity and evolution of dinosaurs in Asia during the Jurassic period.


Hand Painted.

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PNSO Yiran the Lufengosaurus

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Lufengosaurus - Yiran (PNSO)
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