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PNSO - Torosaurus Aubrey and DabeiZoom

PNSO - Torosaurus Aubrey and Dabei

Item# PNSO-90
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Unique 2 figure PNSO set. Mother and baby Torosaurus in one. Newly released June 2022. Baby Torosaurus figure is hard to find. Frill on the mother is amazing.

PNSO Large Torosaurus measures: 9" L x 4.8" H.
PNSO Baby Torosaurus measures: 2.1" L x .9" T

PNSO Torosaurus Set Review:

This is a an amazing set from PNSO. Standing alone, the adult figure is top notch - then when combined with the baby figure - truly a unique set.

The frill on the adult figure is one of the best frills available on any figure. The paint application is bright, varied, and distinctive. Frill blends well into the two upper horns. The head scuplt of this figure is great. The jaw does open on the adult figure. The seal when closed is so good, we initially thought it did not open, but in fact it does. Not a huge range of motion, but enough to count and head looks good with mouth open or closed. Muscles, skin tone and paint are all well done. Adult figure alone is worth it.

The baby figure then pushes this set over the top. While small (tiny) very unique and a great addition. We love this set.

Torosaurus Facts:

Torosaurus possessed one of the largest skulls of any known land animal. The frilled skull reached over 9 feet in length. From head to tail, Torosaurus is thought to have measured about 26 to 30 ft long and weighed 8 to 12 tons. Torosaurus is distinguished from the Triceratops by a large frill. Torosaurus lacked the long nose horn seen in the common Triceratops and instead had a short nose horn.

Scientific reconstruction sculpture for display. NOT A TOY.

High detailed, realistic and exquisite.
Product Name: Jennie the Centrosaurus

PNSO is a specialized organization devoted to Scientific Art creation and research. It was founded in Beijing on June 1, 2010, by Mr. ZHAO Chuang, a Scientific Artist, and Ms. YANG Yang, a science writer for children.

Hand Painted. Product Material: PVC

Product Code: PNSO 90


Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 14+ Years

PNSO Torosaurus Aubrey and Dabei - Dinosaur Museum Series

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