Common Questions - Papo, Schleich, CollectA, Safari Ltd.

Is Papo better than Schleich or Is Schleich better than CollectA

When it comes to comparing Papo and Schleich (or any other) figures, it's important to consider the specific sub-segment you're interested in.

For example, if you are looking at Knight and Medieval figures, Papo is your best choice. Schleich discontinued their knight teams years ago. While Schleich added the Eldrador line, those figures are mostly fantasy and not true medieval figures. Other than Papo, no other line has significant Medieval figures.

If you are comparing Horses and Equestrian figures, we prefer CollectA horses. They have more varieties and breeds than the other lines. Their oversized draft horses (but still to scale) have a great feel in the hand. Papo has been getting better (and some say Schleich has been declining some in quality), we would list Schleich as our second choice (with Papo and Safari Ltd. close behind). Again, CollectA has the widest variety of breeds and colors of horse figures. Schleich has the most and best horse accessories.

If you are looking at Wild Animals / Sealife / Forest animals, here your choice is much tougher. As mentioned earlier, Papo has been improving their quality. We would rank Papo, Schleich, CollectA, and Safari Ltd. as pretty much equal, BUT there is a high degree of variability in quality from figure to figure. For animals of any kind, we recommend that you look at our Animal Buying Guides to see which specific figure of a given figure is the best. For example, in our Hyena Buying Guide, we review all the hyena figures we have in stock and tell you which ones are best and which ones have issues. We have many buying guides to help you select specific animals.

Concerning which Dinosaur Toys are better (Papo vs. Schleich), Papo Dinosaurs generally have the more detail and better paint jobs. That said, feedback indicates that some customers feel that Papo Dinosaurs vary from reality at times and that they make their dinosaurs more fearsome than reality would support. Schleich dinosaurs are more basic and often more brightly painted. Often Schleich would be better options for children (brighter colors, simpler designs) while Papo is often considered more of a Collector´┐Żs line. Safari Ltd, CollectA, and Mojo are often in between Schliech and Papo. We recommend that you look at our Dinosaur Buying Guides to see which of a given Dinosaur genus is the most representative of reality. We look at each dinosaur type and point out which are the best and which have problems.

Where are Schleich products made?

Schleich products are made using the same materials and to the same high standards, regardless of where they are produced. The company has factories located in Germany, Romania, Moldova, Portugal, Tunisia, and China, and all locations are subject to regular, rigorous checks to ensure consistent quality. Schleich also requires all partner companies to be certified in line with the ICTI Ethical Toy Program, which ensures that certain ethical practices are observed worldwide. This includes statutory working hours, minimum wage requirements, and a ban on forced and child labor. When you purchase a Schleich product, you can be confident that it has been produced to the highest standards of safety and quality, no matter where it was made. Generally, the majority of Schleich production occurs OUTSIDE of Germany.

What are Schleich Products Made of?

Schleich products are made of high-quality plastics and paints that comply with toy manufacturing rules and regulations in over 60 countries. The company places the highest focus on children's safety, and all materials and chemical components used in their products comply with all applicable rules, bans, standards, or regulations under the CPSIA or any other act enforceable by the CPSIA. Schleich uses various types of plastic and paint in their figurines, including polyvinyl chloride (PVC), thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs), and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). All of their suppliers must meet the same quality standards for materials used in Schleich products. The colorful paints used in their products are tailored to the type of plastic used, ensuring that they are abrasion-resistant, saliva-proof, and sweat-proof. Schleich products are safe for even the most active playtime adventures."

Where are Papo Poducts Made? / Is Papo a French Company

Papo is a French company that designs and develops its creations in France. The company's aim is to combine learning and play for children, and they draw upon French talent and expertise to achieve this goal. While Papo's design and development takes place in France, the actual production of their products is primarily done in China and surrounding Asian countries. Papo places a strong emphasis on quality and safety, and all of their products are subject to rigorous testing and certification processes. When you purchase a Papo product, you can be confident that it has been designed with care and attention to detail, and that it has been produced to the highest standards of safety and quality.

Are Papo and Schleich the Same?

Schleich and Papo are not the same company, although they do manufacture similar products. While they may have worked closely together in the past, they are now worldwide competitors. Schleich initially specialized in animal and horse figures, while Papo primarily focused on knights and fantasy figures. When the two companies had their falling out, they both continued to evolve and expand their product lines into each other's areas of expertise. Although Schleich's animal figures were originally considered of higher quality and more realistic, and Papo's knight and fantasy figures were more detailed and realistic, both companies have since closed the gap and are now comparable in terms of quality. Today, both Schleich and Papo continue to produce a wide range of high-quality figurines that are popular with collectors and children alike. However, there is still some carryover from their origins. Papo offers a broader range of knights and fantasy figures than Schleich, while Schleich offers a wider variety of animal and horse figures than Papo

Where to Buy Papo, Schleich, CollectA, Mojo or Safari Ltd Figures.

If you're looking to buy CollectA, Papo, Schleich, Safari Ltd., or Mojo figures, there are several great options available. One popular online store is Happy Hen Toys, which carries the complete lines from all of these manufacturers in one easy-to-use online marketplace. Happy Hen Toys has been selling online since 2004 and has developed strong relationships with all of these manufacturers, allowing them to get new products faster, offer better deals, and access rare and retired items. As a family-owned business, Happy Hen Toys is committed to providing excellent customer service and fast shipping. Another option is to check your local toy stores or hobby shops, as many of them carry a limited selection of these popular figures. Often, your local store will only carry one or two of these product lines with limited selection.

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