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T-Rex - Vanilla Ice Mountain (REBOR)

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T-Rex - Vanilla Ice Mountain (REBOR)
T-Rex - Vanilla Ice Mountain (REBOR)
T-Rex - Vanilla Ice Mountain (REBOR)
T-Rex - Vanilla Ice Mountain (REBOR)
T-Rex - Vanilla Ice Mountain (REBOR)
T-Rex - Vanilla Ice Mountain (REBOR)
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Yo VIP - Let's kick it! Ice Ice Baby. Possibly the most coolly named dinosaur of the era. Great model, texture, and moveable jaw with barbarous teeth.

Rebor T-Rex Vanilla Ice Mountain measures: 13.7" L (tail to nose) x 5" T (floor to creast).

NOTE: Vanilla Ice Mountain is relatively unstable. He has a delicate balance point and may need assistance to be stable.

Rebor T-Rex Vanilla Ice Mountain Review:

Alright Stop, collaborate and listen, we are going to give you the straight dope on the Vanilla Ice T-Rex (Sorry, I could not help myself)

Cool T-Rex model lives up to the Vanilla ice name. Solid green paint is evenly applied on a well textured model. Higher relief texture on the back blends seemlessly into a mean looking head brow.

The head is a highlight on this model. Brow and eyes look mean. Jaw opens and closes to expose some of the sharpest (literally) teeth on any T-Rex model. The teeth are not as numerous as on other models (bigger spacing) but literally are harder / sharper than any other model we know of. This is a great T-Rex figure and worth serious consideration.

Basic assembly required. Tail must be inserted into the the back of the body.

Rebor has named this T-Rex model - Vanilla Ice Mountain

Scientific reconstruction sculpture for display. NOT A TOY.

Hand Painted. Durable synthetic resin

Product Code: REBOR 160444

by Rebor

Note: Due to the long distance shipping, many of the Rebor boxes are dinged / dented. Product is guaranteed to be free from defects inside the box. If you require a "pristine" box for collection purposes, email us when you place your order and we will do our absolute best to accommodate your request.

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T-Rex - Vanilla Ice Mountain (REBOR)
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REBOR - T-Rex Vanilla Ice Mountain #160444

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