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Velociraptor - Wet Specimen Oddity (REBOR)Zoom

Velociraptor - Wet Specimen Oddity (REBOR)

Item# REBOR-160512
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Includes glass jar / lighted display. Fill the case with water, lower the embryo figure into the specimen jar, turn on the light and enjoy your ghastly figure.

REBOR - Velociraptor Wet Specimen Oddity measures: 7" T (when jar is on base) x 2.5 " W (diameter)

REBOR - Velociraptor Wet Specimen Oddity Review:

Very strange model of a beginning life stage of a t-rex. Looks like something you would see at the circus oddities. Looks great when filled / displayed as insturctions provide.

Comes with a small lighted base for display.

Scientific reconstruction sculpture for display. NOT A TOY.Product Code: REBOR 160512

by Rebor

Note: Due to the long distance shipping, many of the Rebor boxes are dinged / dented. Product is guaranteed to be free from defects inside the box. If you require a “pristine” box for collection purposes, email us when you place your order and we will do our absolute best to accommodate your request.

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 14+ Years

REBOR - Velociraptor Oddity #160512

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