2023 Toy Red Panda Reviews

Updated: 03/01/2023

This 2023 Red Panda Toy Buying Guide intends to help you select the Red Panda Toy that is best for you based on features and your budget. We have ranked the Red Pandas from best to worst. Here we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Red Panda figures to assist your decision making so that you can purchase the Red Panda model that is best for you.

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Red Panda Overview:

There are currently 5 different Red Panda figures available. The Safari Ltd. #100-320 is oversized because it is from their Incredible Creature line. We do not recommend the CollectA Red Panda. With the exception of the Collecta figure, which Red Panda you prefer is dependent on your personal preference.

Please click on the individual items and review our ACTUAL PRODUCT PICTURES to assist your buying decision.

Best and Largest Red Panda Toy Figure: Safari Ltd. Red Panda #100320

Safari Ltd. Red Panda #100302

Size: Safari Ltd. - Red Panda measures giant: 7.8" L x 2.9" T.

Product Highlights: Voted best overall Red Panda figure of 2023, but not necessarily a fair fight as oversized figure has more room for details to be applied. Safari Ltd. new release in 2023. First, it's size just dominates the competition and since the details are larger - they just stand out. The face is what separates this figure from the competition. Very cute face - very well painted. Figure is large enough to show good hair texture all along the back, to the feet and down the tail. Brown back blends well into the black underside. A little more curve to the tale would have been nice. While this is the best figure, due to it's size, it is more expensive and will NOT be to scale with your other animals. If you don't care about relative size or pricing, this is the figure for you.

Best Small Red Panda Toy Figure: Papo Red Panda #50217

Papo Red Panda #50217Size: Papo Red Panda measures: 3.7" L x 1.5" T.

Product Highlights:
This is our favorite of the small (normal) sized Red Panda figures. This figure has the best face of all the small Red Panda figures. Face has lots of accents (cheeks, eyebrows, inner ears, etc.). Eyes are the best as are not just solid black but also has pupils. Nice coloring on the body - light brown on the top, with dark underside. Tail rings are a little washed out for our tastes, but overall a good figure from Papo.

Best Value Red Panda Toy Figure: Safari Ltd. Red Panda #283429

Safari Ltd. Red Panda #283429

Size: Safari Ltd. - Red Panda measures: 4.2" L x 1.4"T.

Product Highlights:
This is the largest of the "small" Red Panda figures (excluding the Safari Ltd. incredible creatures version) at over 4 inches long. Figure is a good example of a Red Panda, a viable option at a lower cost. Figure has a cute face. Figure is a little on the orange side - lower body is dark black with virtually no accents but as on the underside, not an issue. We wish the tail rings were more white.

Very Nice Red Panda Toy Figure: Schleich Red Panda #14833

Schleich Red Panda #14833

Size: Schleich - Red Panda measures: 3.5" L x 1.4" T.

Product Highlights:
Overall a nice figure from Schleich. Cute face with lots of white highlights. We wish the tail color was a little darker. No issues with this figure - would make a good addition to your collection.

CollectA Red Panda Toy Figure: CollectA Red Panda #88536

CollectA Red Panda #88536

Size: CollectA Red Panda measures: 3" L x 1.2" T.

Product Highlights:
Our least favorite of the Red Panda figures and we have reduced its price accordingly. This is the smallest of the Red Panda Figures. The body is not bad (other than being small), but the face is where this figure falls flat. Biggest drawback is the eyes which blend into the face. The remainder of the face also just looks a little off.

Red Panda Reviews 2023