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Safari Ltd. - Gray Reef SharkZoom

Safari Ltd. - Gray Reef Shark

Item# SAF-100-099
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Safari Ltd. - Sea Life Collection - Gray Reef Shark

Gray reef sharks are social creatures and congregate in large numbers on reefs, up to 30 individuals at a time in some cases. While gray reef sharks are a common sight on reefs in their range, their numbers are declining due to a number of factors. They are caught for shark fin soup, a brutal practice that is harming many shark species. They are also declining due to habitat destruction, as their needs are quite specific and damage to coral reefs can affect the shark population.

Approximate size in inches: 6.22 L x 2.76 W x 1.57 H.

Hand Painted.

Product Code: saf100099

Safari Ltd. 100099

by Safari Ltd.

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Safari Ltd. - Sea Life Collection - Gray Reef Shark by Safari Ltd. #100099

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