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Snake - Anaconda - Green (Safari Ltd.)

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This Anaconda figure features a scientifically accurate and finely detailed sculpt that captures the bulk of this heavy bodied snake.

Artfully painted, the snake is a drab olive green above with darker splotches, orange spots along its side, a yellow underbelly, and an orange-red streak behind each eye that distinguishes this snake from others.

The heaviest known snake in the world, the Green Anaconda can weigh well over 200 pounds. This South American constrictor can also grow over 17 feet in length, making it the second longest living snake species, behind the Reticulated Python of Asia.

Safari Ltd. Green Anaconda measures 5" L x 6" W

Safari Ltd. Green Anaconda Review:

The hand painted spots on this Koi give it a natural look. Tancho is quite "soft" compared to other Safari products. This Koi is hollow and somewhat squishy. Figure has a nice swimming pose. Shine to the scales gives it a "wet" look that adds to the natural look. Overall we love the markings and look of this figure

Koi Fish Tancho Information:

Koi is an informal name for the colored variants of C. rubrofuscus kept for ornamental purposes. There are many varieties of ornamental koi, originating from breeding that began in Niigata, Japan in the early 19th century.

Hand Painted.

Product Code: saf100688

Safari 100688

by Safari Ltd.

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Snake - Anaconda - Green (Safari Ltd.)
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Safari Ltd. Incredible Creatures - Green Anaconda #100688

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