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Moose - Cow (Safari Ltd.)

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Moose - Cow (Safari Ltd.)
Moose - Cow (Safari Ltd.)
Moose - Cow (Safari Ltd.)
Moose - Cow (Safari Ltd.)
Moose - Cow (Safari Ltd.)
Moose - Cow (Safari Ltd.)
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The figure's color variation is striking, with an appealing blend of brown on the back and body that smoothly transitions to a beautiful tan on the lower legs.

The Safari Ltd. Moose Cow #180829 measures: 4.5" L x 3.1" T.

Safari Ltd. Moose Cow #180829 Review:

The Safari Ltd. Moose Cow figurine is posed in a walking position, which gives it a lifelike appearance. The hair texture on the body of the figurine is also notable, providing a sense of realism.

The color variation on the figurine is attractive, with a nice blend of brown on the back and body, transitioning to a lovely tan on the lower legs, which is true to life. The face of the moose cow is generally well-crafted, with intricate details that add to the realism of the piece. However, the mouth is slightly crooked, as if mid-chew.

Additionally, the white dots on the eyes are slightly odd-looking.

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Moose Cow Information:

The moose cow, also known as a female moose, is a magnificent animal that belongs to the deer family. They are known for their distinctive appearance, which includes their massive size, long legs, and a hump on their shoulders. However, unlike male moose, females lack antlers.

Moose cows are typically smaller in size than their male counterparts, with an average weight of around 800 pounds. They have a dark brown coat that provides excellent camouflage in their forest habitat. They primarily feed on leaves, twigs, and bark, and are essential for maintaining the ecological balance of their ecosystem.

One of the most remarkable things about moose cows is their maternal instincts. They are protective mothers who fiercely defend their young from predators, such as bears and wolves. Moose cows give birth to a single calf in the spring, which they nurse for several months.

Part of the Wildlife Series by Safari Ltd.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: Safari Ltd. 180829

by Safari Ltd.

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Moose - Cow (Safari Ltd.)
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Safari Ltd. Wildlife - Cow Moose #180829

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3+ Years

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