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Elephant - African Calf (Safari Ltd.)

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Elephant - African Calf (Safari Ltd.)
Elephant - African Calf (Safari Ltd.)
Elephant - African Calf (Safari Ltd.)
Elephant - African Calf (Safari Ltd.)
Elephant - African Calf (Safari Ltd.)
Elephant - African Calf (Safari Ltd.)
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Playful walking / jogging pose with its truck up gives the illusion that the baby elephant is running after its mother to get a delicious treat.

The Safari Ltd. African Elephant Calf #238529 measures: 3.4" L x 2" T.

Safari Ltd. African Elephant Calf #238529 Review:

The cute pose of the baby elephant with its trunk up high as if reaching for its mother's tail is a standout feature that adds a touch of playfulness to the figure. The open mouth of the elephant is a great detail that makes it look like it is ready to chew down on some food.

The ears of the elephant have nice dimples that add to the realism of the figurine. The face of the elephant is cute and happy-looking. The grey coloring of the elephant is on the lighter side, which is a nice touch that makes it stand out from other elephant figurines.

The Safari Ltd. African Elephant Calf figurine has nice wrinkles and textures. The walking pose of the elephant is also a great detail that adds to the charm of the figure.

African Elephant Calf Information:

African elephant calves are some of the most endearing animals in the world. These majestic creatures are born weighing around 120 kg and are about 90 cm tall. They have a distinct reddish-brown hair that covers their bodies, which they shed after a few months. African elephant calves are born blind, but they have a strong sense of smell and touch that helps them locate their mother and navigate their environment.

The first few years of an African elephant calf's life are critical, as they are dependent on their mother's milk and protection. They learn important survival skills such as finding food and water and how to interact with other elephants. African elephant calves are also very playful and curious, often playing with sticks, rocks, and other objects, and exploring their environment.

Part of the Wild Life Series by Safari Ltd.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: Safari Ltd. 238529

by Safari Ltd.

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Elephant - African Calf (Safari Ltd.)
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Safari Ltd. Wildlife - African Elephant Calf #238529

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3+ Years

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