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Safari Ltd. - PterosaurZoom

Safari Ltd. - Pterosaur

Item# SAF-299-729
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Quirky gold color provides a nice base for brown, black and white accent colors. Nice little figure.

Safari Ltd. Pterosaur measures: 7" W (wingspan) x 4" L (toes to beak tip)

Safari Ltd. Pterosaur Review:

Flying pose with its wings fully spread, its head slightly turned, and mouth open to reveal lots of spearing teeth. The teeth are blunted, but still manage to look ferocious.

The body is medium brown on top and off white on the belly. The wings are gold / light brown with speckles of black along the edges. The bill is yellow with slight red highlighting tips. The inside of the mouth has a dull, pink tounge. Eyes are a bit undersized. and the claws.

Overall the colors blend very well and the result is a very attractive beast. Technically Pterosaur is a class of dinosaurs so this should have a specific name, but Safari Ltd. did not specify.

Pterosaur Information:

Pterosaurs were the first reptiles to develop powered flight. They lived for a long time, from the Late Triassic to the End of the Cretaceous (228-66 million years ago). Although they are sometimes referred to as flying dinosaurs, this is incorrect. Although they are closely related to dinosaurs, they are technically just outside of the group, so paleontologists refer to pterosaurs and dinosaurs as sister groups.

Hand Painted.

Product Code: saf299729

Safari Ltd. 299729

by Safari Ltd.

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Safari Ltd. - Prehistoric Collection - Pterosaur #299729

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