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Apatosaurus (Safari Ltd.)

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Apatosaurus (Safari Ltd.)
Apatosaurus (Safari Ltd.)
Apatosaurus (Safari Ltd.)
Apatosaurus (Safari Ltd.)
Apatosaurus (Safari Ltd.)
Apatosaurus (Safari Ltd.)
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The Safari Ltd. Apatosaurus measure: 13" L x 5.1" T. The length dimension is greatly impacted by the curve in the tail. This figure has a nice texture.

Safari Ltd. Apatosaurus Review:
We really like the grey paint on this figure. Transitions nicely into a tan underbelly. The zig-zag on the tail is also a nice feature. The Safari Ltd. Apatosaurus figure has a good texture - especially on the belly. We feel the face is a little simplistic. There are few choices in Apatosaurus figures - this is a viable option for your dinosaur collection.

Apatosaurus Dinosaur Facts:
Apatosaurus ("deceptive lizard") is a genus of herbivorous sauropod dinosaur that lived in North America during the Late Jurassic period. Othniel Charles Marsh described and named the first-known species, A. ajax, in 1877, and a second species, A. louisae, was discovered and named by William H. Holland in 1916. Apatosaurus lived about 152 to 151 million years ago (mya), during the late Kimmeridgian to early Tithonian age, and are now known from fossils in the Morrison Formation of modern-day Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Utah in the United States. Apatosaurus had an average length of 21-22.8 m (69-75 ft), and an average mass of 16.4-22.4 t (16.1-22.0 long tons; 18.1-24.7 short tons). A few specimens indicate a maximum length of 11-30% greater than average and a mass of 32.7-72.6 t (32.2-71.5 long tons; 36.0-80.0 short tons). Apatosaurus was a large, long-necked, quadrupedal animal with a long, whip-like tail. Its forelimbs were slightly shorter than its hindlimbs.

Hand Painted.

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Safari Ltd. 300429

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Apatosaurus (Safari Ltd.)
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Safari Ltd. Prehistoric Collection - Apatosaurus #300429

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