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Safari Ltd. - QuetzalcoatlusZoom

Safari Ltd. - Quetzalcoatlus

Item# SAF-304-329
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Extremely long neck gives sensation of fast flight. Neck is stretched as extended as it can be. Conspicuously smooth wings. Pastel coloring on the head.

Safari Ltd. Quetzalcoatlus measures: Wingspan = 8.5 W 7.3 (toes to beak tip)

Safari Ltd. Quetzalcoatlus Review:

Captured mid-flight, this Quetzalcoatlus is flying FAST. Neck is as fully extended as possible. One can imagine this figure circling on the thermals searching for prey.

Wings are spread wide. Wings have virtually no texture on them which detracts from the figure. Wings are same solid color on top and bottom. Other than the long neck, the pastel colors on the head are the most noticeable feature.

Quetzalcoatlus Information:

The magnificent Quetzalcoatlus was the size of a small aircraft and one of the largest flying animals ever. This massive, but delicately built, carnivorous reptile was one of the last of its kind. Like all pterosaurs, an elongate finger supported each of its wing membranes. It soared through the Late Cretaceous skies of North America, 68 million years ago.

Hand Painted.

Product Code: saf304329

Safari Ltd. 304329

by Safari Ltd.

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Safari Ltd. Quetzalcoatlus #304329

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