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Schleich - Criollo Definitivo FoalZoom

Schleich - Criollo Definitivo Foal

Item# SCH13949
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Winner second place new Schleich foal 2022 award - barely beat out by the overall foal champion. Good shading oveall on this figure. Hand painted.

Schleich Criollo Definitivo Foal measures: 3.3" L x 3" T.

Schleich Criollo Definitivo Foal Review:
This is a nice overall foal and a good partner to the Schleich Criollo Definitivo Mare also released in 2022. Good shading paint is applied overall - texture is smooth - we would like a little more hair detail. Overall a good figure.

Information From Schleich:
It's name means "of Spanish origin," but it's the destination of this Criollo horse you'll love. Beautifully hand-painted, the Criollo Foal figurine is destined for adventure...for stories as wide as the plains of Argentina, as limitless as your imagination. Makes a great collector's gift when paired with the Criollo Mare figurine from Schleich Horse Club.

Part of the Equestrian Series by Schleich.

Made of durable synthetic material. Hand Painted.

Product Code: sch13949

Schleich 13949

by Schleich

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 5+ Years

Schleich Criollo Definitivo Foal #13949

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