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Paso Peruano mare (Schleich)

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Paso Peruano mare (Schleich)
Paso Peruano mare (Schleich)
Paso Peruano mare (Schleich)
Paso Peruano mare (Schleich)
Paso Peruano mare (Schleich)
Paso Peruano mare (Schleich)
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New Schleich Release in 2023. Nice looking mostly brown model. Interesting in that lower legs are brown on the front legs and white on the rear legs.

Schleich Paso Peruano Mare measures: 5.9" L x 1.3" W x 4.1" H.

Schleich Paso Peruano Mare Review:

Of the new releases from Schleich in 2023, this is one of the best sellers "out of the gate." Regal horse is standing tall with all four hooves on the ground. Coloring is a deep brown with nice shading. There are braiding details on the mane and tail. These details are the same color as the hair themselves. We wish paint detailing of a different color had been used to make these details more noticeable. Overall a nice looking model for 2023.

Paso Peruano Mare Information:

The Paso Peruano is a horse breed that is native to Peru, originating from the Peruvian Paso horse. It is known for its smooth and graceful gait, called the paso llano, which is similar to a slow-paced canter. The breed is also known for its naturally smooth and even temperament, making it a popular breed for both recreational riders and professional horse show competitors.

The Paso Peruano is a medium-sized horse, standing between 13 and 15 hands high. It generally has a short, stocky build with an arched neck and a wide chest. Its head is usually well-defined, with a broad forehead and large eyes. Its coat is usually a solid color and can range from bay to black or palomino. The breed is also known for its long, silky mane and tail.

The breed is known for being hardy and easy to train. It is naturally sociable and enjoys interacting with humans, making it a great breed for beginner riders. Its smooth gait is comfortable to ride, making it suitable for long-distance riding. The Paso Peruano is also known for its impressive endurance, making it a great choice for competitive riding.

Product Information from Schleich:

The long mane and tail boast a beautiful, braided hairstyle, and the Peruvian Paso mare wears her dense decorative mane with pride. She looks over attentively and pricks up her ears. She's sure to come trotting over in a moment to present herself in all her glory.

What has the pretty Peruvian Paso mare discovered over there? Attentively she pricks up her ears and stretches her neck. Even her nostrils are a bit flared - maybe she has sniffed out a crisp apple? She's about to trot off to have a look. She certainly deserves a treat with her beautifully styled mane. She even has braids in her tail.

Made of durable synthetic material. Hand Painted.

Part of the Horse Club Series by Schleich

Product Code: sch13953

Schleich 13953

by Schleich

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Paso Peruano mare (Schleich)
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Schleich Horse Club - Paso Peruano Mare #13953

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