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Cheval de Selle Francais Foal (Schleich)

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Cheval de Selle Francais Foal (Schleich)
Cheval de Selle Francais Foal (Schleich)
Cheval de Selle Francais Foal (Schleich)
Cheval de Selle Francais Foal (Schleich)
Cheval de Selle Francais Foal (Schleich)
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In 2023, this captivating foal was unveiled, boasting a grey body, black mane and tail, white rear legs, and endearing facial features.

Schleich Cheval de Selle Francais Foal measures: 3.25" L x 3.25" H.

Schleich Cheval de Selle Francais Foal #13957 Review:

The 2023 Schleich Cheval de Selle Francais Foal is a classic addition to any collection, boasting a sleek grey coat and an alert tail ready to bolt. Its subtle coloring makes it a perfect complement to the more striking Cheval de Selle Francais Mare and Stallion, creating a beautiful family. Pick up this foal today to complete your set.

Cheval de Selle Francais Information:

The Cheval de Selle Francais is a versatile, stylish horse of French origin. The breed is one of the oldest in Europe, originating from the 18th century. It is a medium-sized horse and is known for its elegant conformation and movement. The breed typically stands between 15.2 and 16.1 hands high and is known for its gentle, willing temperament. The breed is primarily used for dressage, show jumping, and eventing. Its conformation and movement make it well-suited for these disciplines. Its trot is especially noteworthy, with an elevated, lofty stride and an expressive, ground-covering canter. Its jumping ability and athleticism make it an excellent choice for show jumping and eventing. The breed is also known for its good looks and athletic build. Its head is small, with a broad forehead and kind, gentle eyes. Its neck is of medium length and is set high into the withers, giving it an elegant appearance. The breed has a deep, powerful chest, well-muscled shoulders, and strong, sloping hindquarters. The legs are strong and straight and the feet are well-formed.

Product Information from Schleich:

This Selle Français foal is sure to become a great show jumper! It already has so much personality and jumps around on its long, strong legs. It is probably already practicing for the next show! But that will take a while longer.

Who wants to play with me? This sweet Selle Français foal has its ears pricked in a good mood and is on the lookout for playmates that are just as curious. Like its parents, it has jumping in its blood. Prancing merrily across the meadow it flicks its short tail jauntily into the air. Watch out while it takes a big leap with its powerful hind legs and jumps over a felled tree. Who wants to join in?

Part of the Horse Club Series by Schleich.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: Schleich 13957

by Schleich

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Cheval de Selle Francais Foal (Schleich)
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Schleich Horse Club - Cheval de Selle Francais Foal #13957

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