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Schleich - Dunkleosteus

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Schleich - Dunkleosteus

With moveable lower jaw!

The Dunkleosteus lived 130-150 million years before the first dinosaurs. It was a fearless hunter who could snap incredibly fast and ate large sharks, and even other Dunkleosteus if no other prey was to be found.

Fossils of fish, which were only half digested, have often been discovered alongside its skeleton. Scientists therefore believe that the armored fish was not able to chew very well and swallowed it prey in large pieces. The Dunkleosteus was named after the paleontologist David Dunkle. The word "osteos" is Greek for "bone".

Measures approximately 2.6 inches tall 8.5 inches long.

Part of the Dinosaur Series by Schleich.

The art work and detail are beautiful on this hand painted figure.

Approximately 1:20 scale.

Made of durable synthetic material. Hand Painted.

Product Code: sch14575

Schleich 14575

by Schleich

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Schleich Dinosaurs - Schleich Dunkleosteus by Schleich 14575

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