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Aardvark (Schleich)

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Aardvark (Schleich)
Aardvark (Schleich)
Aardvark (Schleich)
Aardvark (Schleich)
Aardvark (Schleich)
Aardvark (Schleich)
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Introduced by Schleich in 2023. Its grey body and head, along with its pink facial highlights, make it highly appealing. Though it may be smaller than expected, it's sure to be a hit with both children and adults.

Schleich Aardvark measures: 2.6" L x 1.2" H.

Schleich Aadvark #14863 Review:

In 2023, Schleich debuted an adorable, small-sized Aardvark figure. Its cute face is highlighted with pink accents on its nose and ears, making it an eye-catching piece. Despite its small size, this figure is sure to make a lasting impression. If you're looking for a bigger Aardvark figure, Safari Ltd. has a a larger figure.

Aardvark Information:

Aaadvarks are nocturnal animals, meaning they are most active at night, and they live in Africa, mainly in the southern and eastern regions.Aaadvarks are famous for their long, sticky tongues and sharp claws, which they use to catch their prey. They are also known for their burrowing habits, which they use to escape predators. Aaadvarks can also use their long claws to dig burrows up to 3 meters deep, which provide shelter and a home for the aaadvark.

Aaadvarks are herbivores and eat a variety of plants, insects, and small animals. They are very efficient at foraging for food and can travel long distances in search of sustenance. Aaadvarks have a difficult time regulating their body temperature, so they often seek out the shade or burrow when it is too hot or too cold.Aaadvarks also have an extremely keen sense of smell, which helps them locate food and detect predators. They are also very social animals, living in large groups that can consist of up to 30 individuals.

Product Information from Schleich:

It's not easy to spot the cute Aardvark in the African savannah. It's nocturnal and disappears into its underground burrow at dawn. When it senses danger, it quickly buries itself in the ground. So it's safest in your pocket!

The Aardvark is at home in the African savannah and looks more like a rabbit with its long ears, but that's where all the similarities end. Instead of carrots, it prefers to eat ants. With its long snout, it cleverly sniffs out insects living underground and digs them up in no time at all. It's especially active at night. Who will stay awake long enough to keep the Aardvark company?

Part of the Wild Life Series by Schleich.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: Schleich 14863

by Schleich

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Aardvark (Schleich)
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Schleich Aardvark #14863

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Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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