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Caracal Cub (Schleich)

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Caracal Cub (Schleich)
Caracal Cub (Schleich)
Caracal Cub (Schleich)
Caracal Cub (Schleich)
Caracal Cub (Schleich)
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We think the Caracal Cub released by Schleich in 2023 is one of the cutest! Its blue eyes draw attention to its endearing face, and its tiny body is truly adorable.

Schleich Caracal Cub measures: 2" L x 1.6" H.

Schleich Caracal Cub #14868 Review:

We are thrilled with the Schleich 2023 Caracal Cub release. Its large ears and cute face make it an adorable addition to any collection. The attention to detail in its design is remarkable and its pose and coloring are lifelike. We are sure it will be a favorite for years to come. Makes a great addition to the Schleich Caracal Female.

Caracal Information:

The caracal is a wild cat native to Africa, Asia, Europe and parts of the Middle East. It is a medium-sized cat that is known for its distinctive long ears and powerful legs. It is considered to be a solitary hunter, preferring to hunt alone at night. The caracal has a short, reddish-brown coat with black markings on the legs, face and underside. The underside of the tail is white, and the fur of the face is black. The ears are long and tufted, and its eyes are yellowish-green. The caracal can weigh up to 18kg and can reach a head and body length of up to 90 cm. The caracal is a carnivore, and its diet consists mainly of small mammals and birds. It will also eat reptiles, insects and carrion. It uses its powerful legs and agility to capture its prey. Caracals are agile and powerful climbers, and they have been known to jump up to 3 meters from the ground. They are also fast runners, capable of reaching speeds of up to 60 km/h.

Product Information from Schleich:

With its pretty, sand-colored fur and brush ears, the cute Caracal cub almost looks like the big Caracals out in the savannah and is perfectly camouflaged. But he's not ready to go off hunting without his mother yet. For now he has to play in the shelter of a rock. What games do you think he likes to play?

I wonder what the cute Caracal cub with sand-colored fur wants? It must be hungry. Look how cute it is, you simply have to give it something to eat! Where is the mother? She must be out hunting in the African savannah, chasing mice or other small mammals to bring home for supper. Maybe the Caracal cub could share your sandwich in the meantime?.

Part of the Wild Life Series by Schleich.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: Schleich 14868

by Schleich

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Caracal Cub (Schleich)
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Schleich Caracal Cub #14868

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3+ Years

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Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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