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Schleich - NothosaurusZoom

Schleich - Nothosaurus

Item# SCH15031
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Introduced by Schleich in 2022. One of the top ten new dinosaurs in 2022. Great grey color with light grey accents. Nice detailing on the webbed feet.

Schleich Nothosaurus measures: 8.3" L x 3" W x 0.9: T.

Schleich Nothosaurus Review:
This is an interesting introduction by Schleich in 2022. There are currently no other Nothosaurus figures available from any other manufacturer to compare this figure to. Regardless, this is a nice figure. We really like the webbed feet on the figure. One could easily imagine this figure swimming through some murky swamp. We like the scales (alligator like) overall on the figure and the grey base paint with lighter grey accents are well applied. The teeth are interesting - we would like to see a little more paint detail inside the mouth.

Nothosaurus Information from Schleich:
A fish hunter that evolved from land animals, our Nothosaurus is a razor-toothed predator of the seas…a menacingly realistic addition to your Schleich Dinosaurs collection. Goldfish and guppies beware, our Nothosaurus toy figure is ill-tempered...and hungry.

Nothosaurus Information:
Nothosaurus is an extinct genus of sauropterygian reptile from the Triassic period, approximately 240–210 million years ago, with fossils being distributed from North Africa and Europe to China. It is the best known member of the nothosaur order for which there are nearly a dozen known species. Ranging in length from 13 to 23 feet long.

Part of the Dinosaur Series by Schleich.

Made of durable synthetic material. Hand Painted.

Product Code: SCH15031

Schleich 15031

by Schleich

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 4 + Years

Schleich Nothosaurus #15031

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