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Schleich - Horse Farm w/ Rider, Horses & AccessoriesZoom

Schleich - Horse Farm w/ Rider, Horses & Accessories

Item# SCH42344
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Retiring in 2022 - Get yours while supplies last.Schleich - Horse Farm w/ Rider, Horses & Accessories

“Finally! The new stable building is ready!” Excitedly, Lissi gets into the car. Her mum sets off. “Hopefully it really is as beautiful as Mr Miller, the owner, promised!” hopes Lissi. She leaps out the instant they arrive at the stables. “Wow! It’s even more beautiful than I imagined!” With its green doors and pink windows and window frames, the stable building really does look simply incredible. Lissi immediately runs over from the car to the stable building. Her beloved Arab mare, Stella, is in one of the big stalls. “I missed you so much!” she exclaims. The two days they’d had to wait before they could finally see each other again had really felt like ages. She embraces her horse and fetches the feed box with apples and carrots. She feeds Stella – and then the two of them can finally ride out. What a wonderful day! The sun is shining, a young Arab foal is prancing around the paddock, the birds are singing and Lissi is delighted by the new stable building. Later, she will brush and feed her mare again, and cover her in her special present – a brand-new blanket. Made of plastic and easily cleaned from hours of imaginative play.

Due to size of item - cannot be gift wrapped.

Horse Farm Includes:
1x Arabian Mare
1x Arabian Foal
1x Rider Figurine
1x pitchfork
12x pieces of paddocks fencing
1x saddle
1x bridle
1x feed set with straw, hay bales, carrots and apples
2x flower window planters
1x grooming kit
4x feed and water holders
1x horse blanket and halter
1x sticker pack
1x assembly instructions

Roof with paddocks becomes an open riding arena!
Fence parts can be connected in any way!
Moveable roof window!
Equipped with hay racks, drinking troughs and tack holder!

Product Code: sch42344

Schleich 42344

by Schleich

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Schleich World of Nature Farm Life - Horse Farm w/ Rider, Horses & Accessories 42344

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