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Schleich - Western RidingZoom

Schleich - Western Riding

Item# SCH42419
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Schleich - Western Riding.

Western riders only use one hand to control the reins. The horses are so highly trained that they respond to the tiniest of cues from their riders. They can spin around their hindquarters as fast as lightning or come to a stop from a gallop by lowering their hindquarters almost to the ground.

Figure, saddle and bridle can be taken off. Includes 1 x quarter horse stallion, 1 x rider, 1 x black Angus calf, 1 x golden retriever, 1 x saddle and bridle.

Product Code: sch-42419

Schleich 42419

by Schleich

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ years

Schleich Horses Farm Life-Western Riding Schleich 42419

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