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Schleich - Rabbit HutchZoom

Schleich - Rabbit Hutch

Item# SCH42420
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Schleich - Rabbit hutch.

Two baby rabbits are moving into their new home! The spacious hutch has already been prepared for them, so they can eat from the food bowl and drink from the water bottle right away. The little ones can spend all day larking around in their rabbit run. In the run, they discover a tunnel thatís perfect for playing hide and seek.

Includes 1 x rabbit hutch, 1 x rabbit run, 1 x rabbit, 2 x baby rabbits, 1 x water bottle, 1 x bowl, 1 x carrot. Front and side door of hutch open. This item is a TOY

Part of the Farm Life Accessory Series by Schleich.

Assembled measures approximately 9.65 x 3.23 x 7.48 inch (W x D x H).

Side and front doors on rabbit hutch can be opened! Rabbit run with attachable fence elements! Water bottle can be attached to wire mesh!

Product Code: SCH42420

Schleich 42420

by Schleich

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ years

Schleich Rabbit Hutch 42420 - Schleich Farm

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