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Schleich - Elementa Fire Unicorn StallionZoom

Schleich - Elementa Fire Unicorn Stallion

Item# SCH70756
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Schleich Elementa Fire Unicorn Stallion Review:

The mane and tail of the beautiful Elementa Fire Unicorn stallion are made of orange transparent flames. He also has blazing red fire-hair on his glittering fetlocks. When he’s galloping with his mane and tail flying behind him, he really lives up to his fiery reputation.

Interesting looking figure with the more standard texture on the body, but with the "transparent" / crystal texture on the mane, back, and tail.

Schleich Elementa Fire Unicorn Stallion measures: 5.8" L x 4.6" T.

Product Information from Schleich:

In a fast gallop, the proud Elementa Fire Unicorn stallion runs through the wide meadows of BAYALAS®. The red and gold glittering hooves drum against the floor so loudly that you can hear it from afar. The transparent mane and the stallion’s long reddish tail flicker like flames at this fast pace in the wind, and even a storm can’t put it out. Where do you think he's going so fast?

Made of durable synthetic material by Schleich. Hand Painted.

Product Code: sch70756 Schleich 70756

by Schleich

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Schleich - Elementa Fire Unicorn Stallion #70756

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