2022 Styracosaurus Dinosaur Toy Reviews

This 2022 Styracosaurus Toy Buying Guide intends to help you select the Styracosaurus Figure Toy that is best for you based on features and your budget. We have ranked the Styracosaurus dinosaur figures from best to worst. However, that doesn't mean the highest rated Styracosaurus is the right one for you as it may not be within your budget - or it may not be the size you are looking for. Here we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the different Styracosaurus figures to assist your decision making so that you can purchase the Styracosaurus model that is best for you.

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2022 Styracosaurus Toy Buying Guide

2022 Styracosaurus Toy Buying Guide

We could not find any major issues with any of the Styracosaurus figures.
All have positive attributes and would be fine to add to your collection.

Largest (and almost best) Styracosaurus Toy Figure: CollectA Styracosaurus #88777

CollectA Styracosaurus #88777This certainly wins LARGEST Styracosaurus award, almost wins BEST OVERALL award, and almost wins BEST VALUE award. Very strong figure from CollectA. .

Size: The CollectA Styracosaurus measures HUGE: 9” L x 5.5” H.

Product Highlights: First thing you notice is the size of this figure when compared to the other Styracosaurus figures available. Simply HUGE. Often with large figures, manufacturers skimp on the details, but not in this case. Massive horns on the top of the head dominate the competition. Great nose horn looks ready to do some serious damage. Head is well done - open mouth is a nice touch (many others have closed mouths). The only figure with a noticeable frill along the lower back (painted black to really get noticed). Price point is comparable to many of the smaller figures. When side by side, an imposing figure.

None noted – great figure.

Best Value Styracosaurus Toy Figure: Papo Styracosaurus #55020

Papo Styracosaurus #55020Orignal paint color (red) prior to re-release in 2022 – Papo quality at original price = BEST VALUE.

Size: The Papo Styracosaurus Deluxe measures: 5.5” L x 3.5” H.

Product Highlights:
In 2022, Papo re-released this figure with a green paint job. With that re-release, Papo also raised the price of the new figure. Thus while this figure is the original paint, it also is the original lower price - thus the winner of best value dinosaur figure.

This is our favorite pose. The "head up" / "roaring" head is unique as most figures are head down. It also has one front leg extended. This figure looks ready for action! The detailing on the head is some of the best. Layered paint provides details up top of details. The frill is especially detailed. This is a great figure. Great value at the original price (price subject to change at any time).

None noted – Great figure.

Lowest Price Styracosaurus Toy Figure: Safari Ltd. Styracosaurus #100248

Safari Ltd. Styracosaurus #100248Generally one of the lower cost models. Fine figure for the price.

Size:The Safari Ltd. Styracosaurus Deluxe measures: 7.5” L x 3.1” H.

Product Highlights:
This is the most colorful Styracosaurus figure currently available. Brown and green base is accented with white on the rump and haunches and red on the frill. Mouth is closed so does not look as detailed as some of the open mouth figures.

Nose horn is more rounded (vs. pointed) than some and top horns look a little "plasticy".

Newest Styracosaurus Toy Figure: Papo Styracosaurus #55090

 Papo Styracosaurus #55090This figure arrived in April, 2022. This is the same figure as Original Papo Styracosaurus #55020 – Simply an updated paint color (green).

Size: The Papo Styracosaurus measures: 5.6” L x 3.75” H.

Product Highlights:
This Styracosaurus is new from Papo in 2022. It is the exact same form / shape as the original Papo Styracosaurus #55020 except in Green as opposed to the original Red. We really like the pose on this figure. The "head up" / "roaring" head is unique as most figures are head down. It also has one front leg extended. This figure looks ready for action! Like the original red figure, the detailing on the head is some of the best. Layered paint provides details up top of details. The frill is especially detailed. This is a great figure. We like the new green paint job - we also like the old red paint job. Either the red or green figure would be a great addition to your papo dinosaur collection.

Drawbacks: Newer figure has a higher price than the original figure.

Most Expensive Styracosaurus Figure: PNSO Anthony the Styracosaurus #59

PNSO Anthony the Styracosaurus #59This figure was released by PNSO in early 2022. It is a nice figure from PNSO.

Size: The PNSO Styracosaurus Corpse measures: 7.1" L x 4" T.


Product Highlights:
PNSO did a fine job on Anthony the Styracosaurus, I particularly like the attention paid to the frill and skin texture. The paint is done well too adding to the overall appeal of this figure. Anthony appears to be taking a step and the motion is a nice touch. Places where you wouldn't expect detail to be found are actually just as well done as others, such as the posterior of the frill and the ventral muscle definition.

Drawbacks:Most expensive of the Styracosaurus available. While it is a nice figure, not sure it is worth the price.

New Styracosaurus from Schleich: Schleich Styracosaurus #15033

 Schleich  Styracosaurus #15033This figure was introduced by Schleich in 2022.

Size: Schleich Styracosaurus measures: 7.5" L x 4.1" T.

Product Highlights:
This is a fine figure from Schleich - new in 2022. Overall nice form and horns, frill, and face are well done. Overall sheen is a little "plastic" looking on the figure. Also, the pink in the mouth is a little "pinkish" for our tastes. Would like to see a more realistic paint color on inside of mouth.

Toy Styracosaurus Review Conclusion:

All of these Styracosaurus figures are fine figures – some are better than others. We really like the large CollectA figure due to its shape and its size. Both of the Papo figures are very nice – they are our favorite pose of any of the figures. The Safari Ltd. figure is the cheapest and thus offers a good value. The PNSO figure is nice but we feel it is expensive for its features. The Schleich figure looks a little cheap for its price.

Last Updated: 05/2/2022

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