Top Ten Selling Schleich Horses 2021

This Schleich Horse 2021 Buying Guides gives you an overview of the most popular Schleich Horses 2021 - ranked by unit sales. We really like all of the figures that made this Top 10 Schleich Equestrian Figures 2021 list. None of these figures are "bad" figures - but some are better than others. All figures on this list are very good figures and deserve serious consideration. We hope you find this information helpful in selecting which Schliech horses you would like to add to your Schleich Horse Club.


Top Selling Schleich Horse 2021: Sorraia Mustang Stallion #13915

Sorraia Mustang Stallion #13915Based on sales, the Sorraia Mustang Stallion was the most popular Schleich Equestrian figure of 2021. This is one of our favorite horses from any year. The flowing mane is one of the best on any horse. The grey body paint is well applied and we like the stripe on the back. Figure has glossy eyes and glossy nostrils which make the face "pop". Figure was first released in 2021. The Schleich Sorraia Mustang Stallion would be a great addition to your Schleich Farm World collection.


#2 Schleich Horse 2021: Silver Dapple Mare #13914

Silver Dapple Mare #13914Based on sales, Silver Dapple Mare was the second most popular Large flowing mane has a nice sweep to the side of the horse. Nice bushy tail and well formed hair details around the hoof. One drawback is that the manufacturer picture is much more grey than the actual figure. Despite the lighter color this horse had a good form / shape and details are nice. Figure was first released in 2021. Would be good addition to your collection.


#3 Schleich Equestrian 2021: Playful Foal Set #42534

 Playful Foal Set #42534While this is a cute foal in this set – what likely moves this item up the popularity list is the accessories only available in this set. The Foal Play ball, the feeding bottle, halter, foal blanket and the cute hedegehog friend are not available separately and thus makes this a great set of Schleich accessories to add to your equestrian playsets.


#4 Most Popular Schleich Horse Figure 2021: Pura Raza Espanola – Young Horse #13924

 Pura Raza Espanola – Young Horse #13924This was the fourth most popular Schleich horse figure in 2021. The light grey paint base is highlighted by a dark grey mane and legs. Body texture is a little smoother than we would like and while this is a "young" horse, we would like this figure to be a little bigger. This is a very nice figure and would make a great addition to your collection.


#5 Schleich Horse Figure 2021: Hanoverian Mare Black #13927

Schleich Hanoverian Mare Black #13927Previous versions of Schlech Hanoverian Mares had bigger braids - which would sometimes break off. This figure has a tight braid so that issue is resolved on this figure. Mane looks nice and tight on this figure. Dark figure with nice white "foot boots" by the hoofs. Some details get lost on this all dark figure.


#6 PNSO Dinosaur Figure 2021: Andalusian Foal #13822

Schleich Andalusian Foal #13822Other than the foal set at #3, this was the best selling individual Schleich Foal of 2021. This Foal has nice shading of the body - from a white belly to light to dark brown. Is a cute foal. Many of the foals do not have a lot of hair texture. This has some textured hair.This is a good foal to add to your Horse collection.


#7 Schleich Equestrian Figure 2021: Pura Raza Espanola Mare #13922

Schleich Pura Raza Espanola Mare #13922The Schleich Pura Raza Espanola Mare #13922 was the #7 most popular Schleich horse of 2021. It was not available for review at the time of this writing (OOS). Click on the link above to determine current stock status.


#8 Schleich Horse Club Model 2021: Hanoverian Red Dun Foal #13929

Schleich Hanoverian Red Dun Foal #13929This was the second best selling individual foal of 2021. This foal was introduced in 2021. This foal has a nice face with good shading and eye. Smoother body – would like to see a little more hair texture, but overall a very good Schleich model.


#9 Schleich Horse Figure 2021: Hanoverian Red Dun Gelding #13928

Schleich Hanoverian Red Dun Gelding #13928Coming in right behind the Hanoverian Red Dun Foal at #9 is the Daddy version (Gelding is a “fixed” male horse”). Is a good compliment to the foal. Matching colors, similar styles – makes a good set.


#10 Schleich Horse Figure 2021: Pura Raza Espanola Stallion #13923

Schleich Pura Raza Espanola Stallion #13923This horse model is one of our favorite of the top 10 Schleich horses for 2021. This horse was released in 2021. The mane on this horse is our favorite part. The all black is nice and true to life, but we wish there was more detail..

This Schleich Equestrian Figure 2021 Buying Guides gives the information you need to best build your Schleich Horse Club collection. Also, be sure to look at each individual Schleich horse page. We have updated the product pictures with ACTUAL product pictures. We provide you with the manufacturer (often retouched) photo, but we also provide you with multiple ACTUAL pictures of the Schleich horses. Happy Hen Toys is already one of the largest Schleich Horse Club stores on the web, but we hope by providing you with the best Schleich horse information that we will become your "go to" Schleich online store.

Last Updated 4/12/2022

Top Ten Schleich Horses - 2021