2023 Toy Beluga Whale Reviews

Last updated: 06/02/2023

This 2023 Beluga Whale Toy Buying Guide intends to help you select the Beluga Whale model that is best for you based on features and your budget. We discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the THREE Toy Beluga Whale figures currently available to assist your decision making so that you can purchase the best toy Beluga Whale figure that is best for you.


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Beluga Whale Toy Overview:

There are currently only THREE different Beluga Whale Toys available. All three of of them are high quality / very good looking models. The biggest difference between the three are color and size. Any of these figures would be great additions to your Sea Life Animal collection.


Pure White Beluga Whale: CollectA Beluga Whale #88568

CollectA Beluga Whale #88568This is a great looking Beluga Whale from CollectA. The most striking feature is the solid bright white on the entire body – including the fins and tail. While it is a flat (not shiny white), the all bright white is truly special. Sculpt of the figure is also well done with a curve in the back and tail. This positions the head up high and visible. Open mouth shows upper and lower teeth (missing in other models). Black eye shines against the all white face. One drawback is that the blowhole is only a slit and not very visible.


Largest Beluga Whale Figure: Safari Ltd. Beluga Whale #211002

Safari Ltd. Beluga Whale #211002The first thing you notice on this figure is the size. At over 8.5 inches long, it dwarfs the other figures currently available. Next noticed is the shine on the figure. While figure is slightly off white (almost light, light grey) the sheen on the figure is shiny and really catches the eye. Oversized figure is in a nice pose with a back and tail bend – head is up high and alert. Face is cute and the oversized blowhole is a noticeable feature. Mouth is open, but figure has no teeth (a drawback) to the figure. Forehead melon is also undersized. Overall a great looking figure from Safari Ltd.

Light Grey Beluga Whale: Papo Beluga Whale #56012

Papo Beluga Whale #56012This is a great looking Beluga Whale from Papo. The most striking feature is the light grey back (white belly) which is unique coloring for a beluga whale figure. Sheen on the grey paint is shiny and eye catching. Face is very cute and the forehead melon is prominent. Mouth is open and looks like the figure is almost smiling. Nice set of teeth inside the mouth. Trim paint on the fins and tail could be better applied, but overall a strong entry from Papo.

Toy Beluga WhaleReview Conclusion:

Any of these three figures would be awesome additions to your Sea Life Figure collection.

Toy Beluga Whale Reviews 2023 - Best Toy Beluga Whale Figure