2023 Toy Boxer Dog Reviews

Last updated: 06/06/2023

This 2023 Boxer Dog Toy Buying Guide intends to help you select the Boxer Dog toy model that is best for you based on features and your budget. We discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the THREE Toy Boxer Dog figures currently available to assist your decision making so that you can purchase the best Boxer model that is best for you.

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Boxer Dog Toy Overview:

There are currently THREE different Boxer Dog toys available. Two of them are very good looking models. The third model has a unique texture and coloring that we find less appealing.

Best Looking Boxer Dog: Safari Ltd. Boxer Dog #100062

Safari Ltd. Boxer Dog #100062We give this figure the nod as the best due to the stretched out pose of the rear legs with the body leaning forward. Slightly larger than the other models is a nice touch. Broad chest shows good muscles and strength. Slight ribcage indentions and hair textures are additional nice touches.

Very Good Boxer Dog: CollectA Boxer Dog #88936

CollectA Boxer Dog #88936This is a good looking Boxer Dog model. We really like the coloring on this model. Great blends of different shades of brown creates dynamic look. Long tail is the exception rather than the rule on Boxer Dog models. Sleek muscles and grumpy face contribute to this being a very good model and a great option.


Least Favorite Boxer Dog: Papo Boxer Dog #54019

Papo Boxer Dog #54019The pose and form of this figure is fine. The coloring is unique in that it is more of an orange / brown as opposed to more of a straight brown coloring. Our issue is with the shine of the figure. Looks more shiny as opposed to having an actual hair / fur texture. Still a good looking model, but looks more plasticky as opposed to the other models.


Toy Boxer Dog Reviews 2023 - Best Toy Boxer Dog Figure