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2023 Toy Bull Moose Reviews

Last updated: 05/11/2023

This 2023 Moose Bull Toy Buying Guide intends to help you select the Moose Bull toy model that is best for you based on features and your budget. We discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the seven toy Moose Bull figures currently available to assist your decision making so that you can purchase the best toy Moose Bull toy model that is best for you.

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Moose Bull Toy Overview:

There are currently 6 different Moose Bull toys available. All of them are very acceptable models and would be good in your collection. We have identified the Papo Moose as the best Bull Moose figure, with the Schleich Bull Moose Close behind. The other 4 are all acceptable (with some noted deficiencies) and are based on personal preference.

UPDATE: The oversized Safari Ltd. Moose is a great looking figure, but is not to scale with the other moose figures. If you are looking for an oversized Moose figure, the Safari Ltd. #113289 is a great choice.

Oversized Moose Bul - NEW: Safari Ltd. Moose Bull #113289

Safari Ltd. Oversized Moose Bull #113289 After the release of the initial Bull Moose Buying Guide, we've had the pleasure of acquiring the Safari Ltd. Oversized Moose Bull. Our impression of this figure is overwhelmingly positive. Its walking pose, with the head held high and alert, is beautifully executed. Moreover, the texture of the fur covering the entire body is expertly crafted, with rich and varied tones that add depth to the figure. The rough texture of the fur is particularly noteworthy, providing a sense of realism to the figure. The antlers are also impressively detailed and add to the overall quality of the figure. Overall, the Safari Ltd. Oversized Moose Bull is an excellent addition to any collection of animal figurines. Its attention to detail and lifelike appearance make it a standout piece that's sure to impress.

Best Moose Bull: Papo Moose Bull #50065

Papo Moose Bull #50065This the largest of the Moose Bull figures. What really sets this figure apart is the size, pose, and texture. As mentioned, this is the largest of the moose figures available. The hair texture on this figure is the most pronounced. The dewlap on this figure is also the best in class. The pose of this figure is a walking / turning pose giving this figure the most sense of motion. This is an eye-catching figure from Papo.

Second Best Moose Bull: Schleich Moose Bull #14781

Schleich Moose Bull #14781This is a nice Moose figure from Schleich. Texture and coloring are nice (texture is not as rough as the Papo Moose, but still is good texture). Why we rated this model so high is the coloring and texture on the antlers. While these are not the largest antlers, they are the most unique in their coloring and texture. This is a very nice model from Schleich.

The following Figures are all about the same each has some nice features, however each has some drawbacks.

Nice Looking Moose Bull (Tie): Mojo Moose Bull #387023

Mojo Moose Bull #387023The body and head on this model are very nice. The body has good texture and shading. The face is also very good looking. The drawback on this model is the lack of texture on the antlers. While the shape of the antlers is fine, the coloring and texture are understated.

Nice Looking Moose Bull (Tie): Safari Ltd. Moose Bull #290029

Safari Ltd. Moose Bull #290029Safari Ltd. currently offers two Moose Bull models. This is the lesser cost model of the two. This model is generally one of the lower cost Moose models. The figure is a solid brown without much color variations. The antlers are well shaped, but also lack variety is coloring and texture. In the model we tested, one of the feet did not touch the ground (but figure was stable). This is a decent model for the typically lower cost.

Fair Looking Moose Bull (Tie): CollectA Moose Bull #88335

CollectA Moose Bull #88335This figure has an interesting pose with the head turned down. The antlers also are good looking in terms of texture and paint variations. Texture on this figure is smooth and there is no hair texture on the face of this model. Figure does stand but the model tested was more tippy than the other models.

Fair Looking Moose Bull (Tie): Safari Ltd. Moose Bull #181029

Safari Ltd. Moose Bull #181029This figure has a nice body and hair texture. Figure also has nice shading on the legs. Where this figure is lacking is the antlers. We find them to be undersized relative to the other models. We prefer some of the other shaped antlers. Great body, antlers could be improved.

Toy Moose Bull Review Conclusion:

Of the six figures, there are not any horrible models. We prefer the Papo Moose and the Schleich Moose figures.

Toy Bull Moose Reviews 2023 - Best Toy Bull Moose Figures

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