2023 Toy Cassowary Reviews

Last updated: 06/03/2023

This 2023 Cassowary Toy Buying Guide intends to help you select the Cassowary toy model that is best for you based on features and your budget. We discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the THREE Toy Cassowary Bird figures currently available to assist your decision making so that you can purchase the best Toy Cassowary model that is best for you.


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Cassowary Toy Overview:

There are currently THREE different Cassowary toys available. Two of them are very good looking models. The third model is the least expensive of the three is a valid alternative for the price.


Best Looking Cassowary Model: CollectA Cassowary #88651

CollectA Cassowary #88651We give this figure the nod as the best due to the texture of the feathers on the body They are the roughest texture and really good looking. Face is also nicely detailed and topped by the best looking bony casque on its head. The shades of blue and purple on the head are well blended. Sturdy legs lead down to a sturdy base. Close call but slightly gets the nod.


Very Good Cassowary: Safari Ltd. Cassowary #225429

Safari Ltd. Cassowary #225429This is a good looking Cassowary model. Has great details on the face and beak including nostrils on the beak. Figure has nice feathered texture. Free standing without a base. Good looking figure, no issues.

Least Expensive Cassowary: PNSO Cassowary #201038

PNSO Cassowary #201038This is the least expensive Cassowary model currently available. The details on this figure are not as crisp as on the other 2 Cassowary figures, but is acceptable for the money. Stands on a base, but the legs have some bend to them so figure had a slight lean. Bony casque on the head is a little undersized. Coloring is more muted than on the other options. Fine for the price, but better options exist.


Toy Cassowary Reviews 2023 - Best Toy Cassowary Figure