2022 Toy Lemur Reviews

This 2022 Lemur Toy Buying Guide intends to help you select the Lemur toy model that is best for you based on features, and budget. We discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the six Lemurs currently available to assist your decision making so that you can purchase the Lemur toy model that is best for you.

2022 Lemur Toy Comparison Picture

Lemur Overview:

There are six choices in Lemurs: 3 regular, 2 mother with babies, and 1 Ruffed Lemur. All are viable options. Your Lemur selection will primarily be based on which Lemur looks the best to you.Ring-Tailed Lemur by Safari Ltd. 292229

Best Value: Safari Ltd. Wildlife - Ring-Tailed Lemur #292229

Size/Scale: 2.7" L x 3.5" T.

Product Review:This figure is tied for best overall, but with its lower price is the hands-down winner of best value. One of the largest Lemur figures - has a cute facial expression and good details overall. Sturdy tail. At this price, a great choice.

Drawbacks: Feet are a bit oversized - looks a little odd - makes for a sturdy standing figure however.

Mojo Ringtail Lemur 387177

Best Overall Lemur: Mojo Ringtail Lemur #387177

Size/Scale: 2.6" T x 2.7 L

Product Review: This wins Best overall simply due to it's unique stance. It is the only Lemur in a standing position. One of a kind in terms of stance. Stance alone would not give it such high ranking. Very nice face - great bright eyes really stand out.

Drawbacks: Back texture is pretty smooth - not a lot of hair detail relative to the other figures.

Ring-Tailed Lemur by CollectA 88831

Runner Up Regular Lemur: CollectA Ring-Tailed Lemur #88831

Size/Scale: 2.8" L x 3" H.

Key Features: This is a acceptable figure. Has the "bushiest" tail of all the figures - very nice tail. Good face - good overall paint job. We just really like the pose of the standing Mojo Lemur figure and the relative value of the Safari Ltd figure pushes this CollectA figure down the rankings. Feet are more normal than the Safari Ltd. figure. Retired by CollectA USA so don't wait on this figure if interested. Good option for a "regular" Lemur.

Drawbacks: The one we tested wasn't 100% stable. Would balance with effort.

Papo Lemur with Baby 50173

Best Mother w/ Baby: Papo - Lemur and Baby #50173

Size/Scale: 2.5" L x 3" H.

Key Features: Mother with an awake Pup on her back. The detail is very clear and captures an intense alertness. Both Mother and Baby eyes are well painted and wide open. Good texture on both the baby and mother. Can easily see the baby on the back of the mother. Good Figure

Drawbacks: Lightest coloring of all the figures.

Lemur with Baby 387237 by Mojo

2nd Place Mother with Baby: Mojo Lemur with Baby #387237

Size/Scale: 2.75" L x 3" H.

Key Features: Prefer the Papo Mother with Baby to this figure.

Drawbacks: Look at our pictures - very different than the Mojo provided picture. Baby face has no white paint. Very dark. In fact, little contrast between the Mother and Baby - the Baby blends into the back of the Mother and is hard to see. Baby's eyes are not painted - Baby face is all black. Mother's face also has no white paint. Only all is darker colored than the lighter Papo version, but that's all it has going for it.

Only Ruffed Lemur: Papo Black and White Ruffed Lemur #50234


Size/Scale: 3" L x 2.7"H.

Key Features: This is the only Ruffed Lemur figure available. This is a nice figure. Has the best hair texture of any Lemur figure. Good form / Good face. Overall a good choice for your collection.

Drawbacks: None noted - as long as you are looking for a Ruffed Lemur.

Toy Lemur Review Conclusion:

Which Lemur figure you select is really dependent on which figure you like best and what your end goal is. All of these are good figures. You can save some money and get a good figure via the "Best Value" - Safari Ltd. figure. My personal preference is the Mojo Standing Lemur just for its uniqueness. Again, all figures are acceptable options.

This 2022 Lemur Toy Buying Guide intends to help you select the Lemur Toy that is best for you based on features and your budget. Compares Papo vs. Mojo vs. CollectA vs. Safari Ltd. Lemurs

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