Top Ten Selling Papo Knights 2023

Top Ten Selling Papo Knights 2023

Updated 2/15/2023

This Papo Knight 2023 Buying Guide gives you an overview of the most popular Papo Knight Figures ranked by unit sales so far in 2023. We hope you find this information helpful in selecting which Papo Knights you would like to add to your collection.


#1 Papo Knight Figure 2023: Dark Spider Warrior with Horse #38984

Papo Dark Spider Warrior with Horse #38984This is one of the most detailed figures and this figure is often on sale – contributing to this being consistently one of the best-selling Papo figures. The horse has a flowing drape adorned with raised details, and eight "legs" sticking out of its head. The knight has spikes on the shoulder and legs and a shield featuring a high-relief spider. The color palette is vibrant and eye-catching. This Papo is figure is one of the best knights and horse figures available.


#2 Papo Knight Figure 2023: Griffin Knight #39956

Papo Griffin Knight #39956We love the Griffin Knight, one of the new Papo knights introduced in 2022. Its impressive shield and sword make it stand out from the Lion Knight and Unicorn Knight. The armor is gorgeously crafted and gleaming. Collectors will be pleased to know that this knight perfectly pairs with the Griffin Knight Horse (#39955) for a stunning addition to their collection.


#3 Papo Knight Figure 2023: Armored Black Knight #39275

Papo Armored Black Knight #39275Every year, the Papo Black Knight remains one of Papo's top-selling figures. Its bold black base is complemented by gold, silver, brown and even a touch of blue, all of which combine to create an outstanding look. This knight is equipped with a shield and sword, and his helmet is topped with a striking blue and gold plume. He's the perfect addition to any home, ready to protect and serve a lady's honor!


#4 Most Popular Papo Knight Figure 2023: Lion Knight w/ Spear #39760

Papo Lion Knight w/ Spear #39760This knight's suit of armour looks authentic, with extra shoulder plate on the shield side and mail extending below the breast plate and down the back of the legs. An impressive feature is the roaring lion on his shield, making it a standout piece. New release from Papo in 2022.


#5 Papo Knight Figure 2023: Knight in Gold Armor #39778

Papo Knight in Gold Armor #39778This Papo Gold Knight is a stunning figure, boasting a radiant gold hue complemented by silver and red. Its shield and sword provide the perfect protection for its charge, and the red plumed helmet adds a touch of royalty, making it appear poised to guard a maiden's honor. Consistently one of the best selling Papo Knights.


#6 Papo Knight Figure 2023: Unicorn Knight with Spear #39782

Papo Unicorn Knight with Spear #39782In 2022, this model was released, featuring intricate armor details that lend a realistic look. A nice touch is the extra shoulder plate on the shield side, as well as the suit of mail extending from the breast plate down the back of the legs. Finishing off the knight's regal appearance is a crest featuring a unicorn head.


#7 Papo Knight Figure 2023: Knight in Armor #39798

Papo Knight in Armor #39798This Papo Knight in Armor is an amazing plaything for children who have a passion for knights and warriors. It has a splendidly precise armor with a seemingly engraved design and a magnificent helmet and shield. Furthermore, the knight bears a long red lance that truly adds to the realism of the piece. The colors are bright and the overall design is awe-inspiring. This is a great toy for children to enjoy imaginative play and would make a terrific present for any child who cherishes knights.


#8 Papo Knight Figure Toy 2023: Papo Red Crossbowman #39752

Papo Red Crossbowman #39752Ready for battle, the Papo Red Crossbowman is an imposing figure. His heavy tan tunic and brown pants are accented with red, giving him a striking look. His helmet, with a visor that opens and closes, adds a menacing touch. In his hands, the Papo Red Crossbowman holds a powerful crossbow, a symbol of strength and courage. He is a fearsome warrior, ready to take on any challenge.


#9 Papo Knight Figure 2023: Germanic Knight #39947

Papo Germanic Knight #39947The Papo Germanic Knight is a sight to behold in their armor and chainmail, which make them appear invincible. This warrior is fully-equipped with a sword, dagger, shield and a powerful battle axe, creating an intimidating presence. What sets this knight apart is the face shield on the helmet, which can be raised and lowered to suit the situation. Whether fighting on the front lines or making a dramatic entrance, the Papo Germanic Knight is sure to make an impression.


#10 Papo Knight Figure 2023: Red Catapult #39345

Papo Red Catapult #39345The #10 figure isn’t even a figure – it’s the Papo Catapult. With the Papo Catapult, you can experience the thrill of launching projectiles at your opponents! This catapult has 6 wheels for maximum mobility and a stylish brown finish with silver and red accents. The included rubber band powers the arm, while the catapult ball provides the perfect ammunition. Perfect for ages 6 and up, this catapult is an excellent way to boost your child’s imaginative play. Get ready for some real projectile-firing action with the Papo Catapult!

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Most Popular Papo Knights 2023