2022 Ceratosaurus Dinosaur Toy Reviews

This 2022 Ceratosaurus Toy Buying Guide intends to help you select the Ceratosaurus Dinosaur Model that is best for you based on features and your budget.

2022 Ceratosaurus Toy Buying Guide
2022 Ceratosaurus Toy Buying Guide Top View
2022 Ceratosaurus Toy Buying Guide Side View

We have ranked the five Ceratosaurus Dinosaurs from best to worst. However, that doesn't mean the highest rated Ceratosaurus is the right one for you as it may not be within your budget - or it may not be the size you are looking for. Here we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the different toy Ceratosaurus figures to assist your decision making so that you can purchase the Ceratosaurus toy model that is best for you. These figures vary greatly in price, thus any of the figures may work for you depending on your budget. Even the cheapest figure has positive attributes – thus budget is your primary decision factor when selecting a Ceratosaurus.

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Best Ceratosaurus Toy Figure: PNSO Ceratosaurus - Nick #11

PNSO Ceratosaurus – NickAgain, PNSO blows the competition out of the water with this figure. It’s almost not a fair fight. So overall, Nick the Ceratosaurus is the best overall figure currently available - but comes at a cost. At over 3 times the cost of the next most expensive figure, you may find a better, less expensive choice for your budget.

Key Features:
+ HUGE, HUGE Size - Measures 23 L x 12 H inches and thus is by far the largest Ceratosaurus available.

+ Great Details - As you would expect to find in a figure at this price point, the details are simply amazing.

+ Base – This figure does not stand on its own. You must use the base and supports to get this figure to stand up.

+ Cost – Over 3 times more expensive than the next closest model.

+ HUGE, HUGE Size - Measures 23 L x 12 H inches - May be too large for your collection.

PNSO Nick Ceratosaurus Review:
Ignoring price, this is the best figure available. It has a great form – lots of motion built into the figure. With a figure this large, every detail is larger than life – thus you can see the great detail that went into this figure. For example, the teeth are all individually formed with good spacing between the individual teeth. With a smaller figure, you simply cannot get the tooth spacing possible on a model this size. (FYI, the teeth are flexible and thus won’t break off). At this size, you can see the individual scales, you can see the individual lines on the horns. With a model this size, each detail is magnified and PNSO hit all the marks with the detail. The paint job is a little flat, but it is well blended and overall attractive. We do not like that the figure cannot be used without the stand (and the stand could be more stable), but overall, this is a great figure and worth the cost if money is no object.

Best Value: Papo Ceratosaurus #55061

Papo Ceratosaurus #55061This figure, Collecta, and Schleich Ceratosaurus are all pretty close in price, but this Papo figure is generally slightly more expensive. Even so, the details on this figure exceed the other two in quality – making this the winner of our “Best Value” option.

Key Features:
+ Size: 8 inches length x 3 inches tall

+ Pose: This figure is in a running form – which makes it unique relative to the other figures which primarily stand on their hind legs.

+ Moveable Jaw: Three of the five Ceratosaurus figures do have moveable jaws, but this is one of the best. Great teeth, great tongue, and the side mouth folds look realistic.

+ Great Deals / Skin – With three well defined rows of spines along its back (with every spine painted a tan color), the details on this figure really stand out. The skin quality also really stands out on this figure.

+ Wobbly: While this figure is the only one in the running pose, it is designed to balance on its 2 hind legs – we find is often rocks forward and touches its one arm to the surface for balance.

Papo Ceratosaurus Review:
The Papo Ceratosaurus is a primarily green in color with great shading from dark green along the back blending nicely into the tan underbelly. It’s a tough to describe the differences between this and the other figures, but if you look at them side by side, pretty much every feature of this figure beats the other figures (except the PNSO). The feet, the hands, the teeth, the eye, the moveable jaw, etc. Every little detail is just slight better on this figure than on the other comparable figures. This is a great option for the price!

Good Model: Schleich Ceratosaurus #15019

Schleich Ceratosaurus #15019The Schleich Ceratosaurus was realased in 2021. This is a very good model. Generally slightly cheaper than the Papo Ceratosaurus.

Key Features:
+ Size: 8 inches x 4.25 inches high. Stands on its hind legs so thus has more height.

+ Color: Bright orange and red – unique coloring vs. the other Ceratosaurus.

+ Moveable Jaw: Jaw opens and closes.

+ Pose: Stands taller on its hind legs.

+ Internal Mouth: Details inside the mouth are not as well defined. Tongue is overly bright red.

Schleich Ceratosaurus #15019 Review:
This Schleich dinosaur model has some great features, but then also has some minor misses. Color scheme is unique (red/orange) and the features are rougher / stand out more than on some of the other figures. The eye is a bright yellow and well sunk into a well defined eye socket. Overall a very solid model, but the features just are not quite a crisp as on the Papo figure. If you are looking for a standing figure, this is solid / well crafted figure and will look good in any collection.

Good Model: CollectA Ceratosaurus #88818

CollectA Ceratosaurus #88818The Collecta toy Ceratosaurus is the only Ceratosaurus that is fixed to its base. It cannot be separated from its base.

Key Features:
+ Fixed Base: The CollectA Ceratosaurus is attached to it base and cannot be removed.

+ Size: Measures 10.75 L x 4.8 H inches and thus is the second largest Ceratosaurus available.

+ Colorful Face: This model has a 4 tone face and thus is very unique looking.

+ Body paint / texture: This model feels and looks more “plastic – ey” than the others. All other models have a better body “feel” than this model.

CollectA Ceratosaurus Review:
If you need a figure on a sable base, this is your best option. We like this figure - especially the head paint, but we do not like the texture and look of the body. The details on this figure just don't quite measure up to the Papo (or even the Schleich), but overall is an acceptable figure and would look good in your collection.

Lowest Cost: Safari Ltd. Ceratosaurus - #303-029:

Safari Ltd. Ceratosaurus - #303-029Key Features:
+ Low Price: This is the lowest priced Ceratosaurus available.

+ Size: Measures 7 L x 3.5 H inches and thus is the smallest Ceratosaurus toy available.

Jaw is fixed position – no movement in the jaw.

Safafri Ltd. Ceratosaurus Review:
This is the lowest cost Ceratosaurus currently available. While sometimes the cheapest figure should be avoided, in this case, this is a viable figure for the cost. One cannot expect the same level of detail when comparing this to the other Ceratosaurus toy figures. But at this level, this figure still has some nice features. For example, the overall form is well done and the spines on the back are attractive. While the paint job is mostly the same brown, it does have nice features with the red throat and tan underbelly.
If cost is a major factor, the Safari Ltd. Ceratosaurus is a viable option for your collection.

Toy Ceratosaurus Details:

Toy Ceratosaurus Size:

The Ceratosaurus ranked by size – Largest to Smallest (in inches) are:
+ PNSO Ceratosaurus – Nick 23 L x 12 H.
+ Collecta Ceratosaurus Deluxe - #88818 10.75 L x 4.8 H.
+ Schleich Ceratosaurus - #15019 8.0 L x 4.25 H.
+ Papo Ceratosaurus - #55061 8 L x 3 H.
+ Safari Ltd. Ceratosaurus - #303-329 7.0 L x 3.5 H

Fixed Jaw vs. Moveable Jaw:

A major decision factors is if the toy Ceratosaurus model has a moveable jaw. Three Ceratosaurus toy models have moveable jaws:
+ Collecta Ceratosaurus Deluxe - #88818
+ Schleich Ceratosaurus - #15019
+ Papo Ceratosaurus - #55061

The other 2 models have fixed jaws:
+ PNSO Ceratosaurus – Nick
+ Safari Ltd. Ceratosaurus - #303-329

Toy Ceratosaurus Review Conclusion:

Which Ceratosaurus figure you select is really dependent on your budget.

+ If you budget is unlimited or you are looking for a huge Ceratosaurus figure, then you should go with the PNOS Ceratosaurus - Nick which truly is an outstanding figure - a cut above the others.

+ PNSO Ceratosaurus – Nick

+ If you are on a serious tight budget, you should go with the Safari Ltd. Ceratosaurus figure. It is a fine figure at the lowest cost possible.

+ Safari Ltd. Ceratosaurus - #303-329

+ If you have a mid budget, any of the three mid-size / mid-priced figures would work for you. If we were purchasing them ourselves we would purchase them in the following order:

+ Papo Ceratosaurus - #55061 WINNER OF BEST VALUE AWARD !
+ Schleich Ceratosaurus - #15019
+ Collecta Ceratosaurus Deluxe - #88818