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Ceratosaurus (Schleich)

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Ceratosaurus (Schleich)
Ceratosaurus (Schleich)
Ceratosaurus (Schleich)
Ceratosaurus (Schleich)
Ceratosaurus (Schleich)
Ceratosaurus (Schleich)
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The Schleich Ceratosaurus measures: 8" L x 4.25" H.

The Schleich Ceratosaurus was released by Schleich in 2021 and thus is a relatively new figure. The Schleich Ceratosaurus is hand painted and is made of durable synthetic material.

Schleich Ceratosaurus Review:
The detail that really jumps out on this figure is the paint job. Overall orange, with red spines along the back - and the large brown dots, really makes the paint on this figure "pop." The bright yellow eyes also pop off its face. The overall sculpt is very good and this figure is designed to stand on its hind legs. This figure has a moveable jaw but the inside of the mouth does not have as good a paint job as some other figures. Overall, this is a good figure and is a viable option for your collection.

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Ceratosaurus Dinosaur Facts:
Ceratosaurus means "horn lizard" and is named after its fused nasal bones which give it the recognizable ridge we know them by. Ceratosaurus was a medium-sized theropod. (Theropods are characterized by hollow bones and three toed limbs). The original specimen is estimated to be 17 ft to 23 ft long. Ceratosaurus was characterized by deep jaws that supported proportionally very long, blade-like teeth, a prominent, ridge-like horn on the midline of the snout, and a pair of horns over the eyes. The forelimbs were very short, but remained fully functional; the hand had four fingers. The tail was deep from top to bottom. A row of small osteoderms (skin bones) was present down the middle of the neck, back, and tail.

Product Code: SCH15019

Schleich 15019 Ceratosaurus

by Schleich

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Ceratosaurus (Schleich)
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Schleich Dinosaurs - Ceratosaurus #15019

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