Narwhal (CollectA)

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Narwhal (CollectA)
Narwhal (CollectA)
Narwhal (CollectA)
Narwhal (CollectA)
Narwhal (CollectA)
Narwhal (CollectA)
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The CollectA Narwhal features an impeccably detailed long, spiral tooth, which is the defining characteristic of this Arctic whale species. The spiral of the tooth is awesome.

The CollectA Narwhal measures: 10.4" L (Tooth = 3.25" L).

CollectA Narwhal #88615 Review:

The Collecta Narwhal figurine is a beautiful and large example of this unique Arctic whale species. One of the standout features of this figurine is the long, spiral tooth. The tooth is impeccably detailed, with a great twisting texture.

The texture of the overall figure is smooth and glossy, with a realistic depiction of the narwhal's mottled grayish-black coloration. The back pattern is particularly well done, with a glossy finish that gives the impression of light reflecting off the whale's skin.

One of our favorite Narwhal figures.

Narwhal Information:

Narwhals are a species of whale found primarily in the Arctic waters of Canada, Greenland, Norway, and Russia. They are known for their unique tusk, which is actually a long, spiraled tooth that can grow up to 10 feet in length. The tusk is believed to be a characteristic of male narwhals and is used for various purposes, including hunting, communication, and fighting.

Narwhals are a medium-sized whale, typically measuring around 13-18 feet in length and weighing around 1.5 tons. They have a mottled grayish-brown coloration that helps them blend in with the Arctic waters in which they live. Narwhals are known to be social animals, often swimming in groups of 10-100 individuals.

The diet of narwhals consists mainly of fish and squid, which they hunt by diving to great depths of up to 1,500 meters. They have a unique physiological adaptation that allows them to withstand the extreme pressure of deep dives, including a flexible ribcage and collapsible lungs.

Part of the Sealife Series by CollectA.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: CA88615

CollectA 88615

by CollectA

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CollectA Sealife - Narwhal #88615

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