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2022 Dilophosaurus Dinosaur Toy Reviews

This 2022 Dilophosaurus Toy Buying Guide intends to help you select the Dilophosaurus Dinosaur Model that is best for you based on features and your budget.
2022 Dilophosaurus Toy Buying Guide
2022 Dilophosaurus Toy Comparison Picture Sides
2022 Dilophosaurus Toy Comparison Picture Tops

We have ranked the six Dilophosaurus Dinosaurs available in 2022 from best to worst. However, that doesn't mean the highest rated Dilophosaurus is the right one for you as it may not be within your budget - or it may not be the size you are looking for. Here we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the different toy Dilophosaurus figures to assist your decision making so that you can purchase the Ceratosaurus toy model that is best for you.

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Best Dilophosaurus Toy Figure: Papo Dilophosaurus - #55035

Papo Dilophosaurus - 55035Papo did an outstanding job with this figure. While it is the most expensive of the Dilophosaurus models, the overall sculpt and features makes this the best of the models on the market in 2022.

Key Features:
+ Form – Most models stand upright on their hind legs. This model is in an action pose.

+ Size - Measures 5 L x 4 H inches but losses length measurement because of curled tail.

+ Great Details – Examples: Paint shading, well painted crests. Moveable jaw with great teeth.


+ Limited Mouth Movement – Jaw only opens .25 inches. Some customers view this as defective.

+ Cost – While the most expensive, only marginally so over the next highest priced.

Papo Dilophosaurus Review:

Ignoring price, the Papo Dilophosaurus is the best figure available. It has a great form – lots of motion built into the figure. It is the only model with the curled up tail – showing it is ready for action. Overall, this simply is the most realistic looking of the models. The paint job is a using more muted colors, but in terms of quality is one of the best paint jobs - well blended and overall attractive. Another example, while some of the versions have just single color crests, this Papo Dilophosaurus figure has orange and red “ribs” painted on that then the top of the crests are painted yet another color. That attention to paint detail is what separates this figure from the others. A great figure – deserving of the ”Best Overall Figure” ranking.

Runner Up: Good Model: Schleich Dilophosaurus #14567

Schleich Dilophosaurus #14567This is the largest of the Dilophosaurus models currently available. This is a very good model. Generally, slightly cheaper than the Papo Dilophosaurus.

Key Features:
+ Size: 7 inches x 4.2 inches high. Stands on its hind legs. Is the largest Dilophosaurus available.

+ Color: Bright blue with red highlights – unique coloring vs. the other Dilophosaurus.

+ Moveable Jaw: Jaw opens and closes.

+ Pose: Stands taller on its hind legs.

+ None Noted.

Schleich Dilophosaurus #14567 Review:
This is a very nice model and gave the Papo figure a run for its money for best figure. That said, it is quite a different looking model from the Papo version – so depending on what style you like, this could be a good choice for you. Stands the tallest of all the figures and with its blue / red paint scheme really looks unique. Paint is well applied and blended well. The head sculpt is awesome also. Moveable jaw opens and closes to reveal a well done – curled tongue. Teeth are individual and well formed. This figure is generally slightly cheaper than the Papo figure. Overall a very good figure – choice vs. Papo is dependent on style.

Best Value: Safari Ltd. Dilophosaurus #287-879

Safari Ltd. Dilophosaurus #287-829This figure, along with 3 others (all except Papo and Schleich) are about the same price. The details of this figure exceed the details of the other three. Thus with it’s lower price point and great features, the Safari Ltd. Dilophosaurus earns the of our “Best Value” option.

Key Features:
+ Size: 7.2 inches length x 4.25 inches tall – One of the tallest figures available.

+ Pose: Sleek looking form. Stands tall on its hind legs.

+ Great Features: For the price, this has a great head sculpt and paint job.

+ Fixed Jaw: While mouth doesn’t move, has a good mouth with good teeth.

Safari Ltd. Dilophosaurus Review:
While one of the lowest price figures, this model has some great features. What really sets it apart is the head. While the mouth does not open, it has a good set of teeth. The paint job on the head is one of the best – even at this low price. Including the eye, it uses at least 6 colors on the head alone. The crests are well painted also. Only the Papo, Schleich, and this figure have multiple colors on the crests – the rest just have solid color crests. It has many features of the higher priced models as a low price.

Good/Fair Model: CollectA Dilophosaurus Blue #88137

CollectA Dilophosaurus Blue #88137 This is the older version of the two Dilophosaurus that CollectA currently offers. While this is the older sculpt, and has a slightly goofy looking head, we prefer this to the newer version.

Key Features:
+ Size: Measures 5 L x 3.75 H inches tall.

+ Skin: This figure has some of the best skin folds.

+ Goofy Face: This model has a slightly goofy look to the face.

+ Paint on Crests: Skull between the crests is painted the same as the crests.

CollectA Dilophosaurus – Blue Review:
Overall we like this figure due to its body and paint. The body paint has a little shine to it which elevates the figure. The face on this figure is a little goofy looking and the paint on the crests is a little sloppy. But overall is an acceptable figure.

Good/Fair Model: Safari Ltd. Dilophosaurus - #100-508:

Safari Ltd. Dilophosaurus - #100-508

Key Features:

+ Size: Measures 6.4 L x 3 H inches.

+ Cute: With closed mouth is a “cute” (not ferocious) looking figure.


+ Closed Jaw: Mouth is closed – no visible teeth.

Safafri Ltd. Dilophosaurus Review:
This figure was released by Safari Ltd. in 2021. As noted above, we prefer the older Safari Ltd. Figure to this figure. While this is a “cute” figure, the Dilophosaurus was a ferocious dinosaurs – this figure just does not have that “killer” look to it. This figure can stand on its two hind legs, but balance is delicate so it often leans back onto its tail. This is the smallest of the Dilophosaurus figures available.

Tippy Model: CollectA Dilophosaurus - #88923:

CollectA. Dilophosaurus - #88923

Key Features:

+ Size: Measures 7.4 L x 3 H inches.

+ Yellow paint: While not our favorite paint job, the yellow / brown paint stands out.


+ Tippy: Figure stands on its two hind legs, but often falls over.

CollectA. Dilophosaurus #88923 Review:
This figure was released by CollectA. in 2021. As noted above, we prefer the older CollectA. Figure to this figure. Our biggest issue with this figure is that it is tippy. While it does balance, any bump of the table caused it to fall over. If you are mounting this to a base, it will work fine. If you have it on your desk, you will be resetting it often.

Toy Dilophosaurus Details:

Toy Dilophosaurus Size:

The Dilophosaurus ranked by size – Largest to Smallest (in inches) are:
+ Schleich Dilophosaurus – #14567 7 L x 4.2 H.
+ Safari Ltd. Dilophosaurus - #287-829 7.2 L x 4.25 H.
+ Papo Dilophosaurus - #55035 5.0 L x 4 H.
+ CollectA Dilophosaurus - #88923 7.4 L x 3 H.
+ CollectA Dilophosaurus - #88137 5.0 L x 3.75 H
+ Safari Ltd. Dilophosaurus - #100-508 6.4 L x 3.0 H

Fixed Jaw vs. Moveable Jaw:

A major decision factors is if the toy Dilophosaurus model has a moveable jaw.

Two Dilophosaurus toy models have moveable jaws:
The Papo jaw have very limited movement.
+ Schleich Dilophosaurus – #14567
+ Papo Dilophosaurus - #55035

The other 4 models have fixed jaws:

Toy Dilophosaurus Review Conclusion:

Which Dilophosaurus figure you select is really dependent on your budget.

+ The Papo and the Schliech figures are more expensive than the other models and generally have the best details. Which you prefer is dependent on the style of Dilophosaurus you wish. The Papo version is sleeker – the Schleich version is more bulky. Both are good figures.

+ Schleich Dilophosaurus – #14567
+ Papo Dilophosaurus - #55035

+ The Safari Ltd. Dilophosaurus – #287-829 was rated the best value.

+ Safari Ltd. Dilophosaurus - #287-829

+ Either of these two figures are acceptable options:

+ CollectA Dilophosaurus - #88137
+ Safari Ltd. Dilophosaurus - #100-508

This figure is quite “tippy” and thus we cannot recommend:

+ CollectA Dilophosaurus - #88923 7.4 L x 3 H.

This 2022 Dilophosaurus Dinosaur Toy Buying Guide intends to help you select the Dilophosaurus Dinosaur Toy that is best for you based on features and your budget.

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