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Dilophosaurus (Papo)

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Dilophosaurus (Papo)
Dilophosaurus (Papo)
Dilophosaurus (Papo)
Dilophosaurus (Papo)
Dilophosaurus (Papo)
Dilophosaurus (Papo)
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The Papo Dilophosaurus measures: 5" L x 4" H.

This figure has a unique pose and looks like it is in motion. The dimensions are greatly affected by the pose - the curled tail diminishes its measured length.

Papo Dilophosaurus #55035 Review:
Papo exceeds expectations again and puts forth a great offering. Most obvious is the form of this figure. With the lower upper body, this figure looks like it is moving fast. It is a unique pose vs. the other figures.

This figure has a moveable jaw, but the jaw movement is very limited (maybe .25 inches). The overall mouth is very well done and the jaw is packed full of individual teeth. The paint job on this Papo Dilophosaurus is the more traditional mix of grey / green / tan when compared to the other blue / yellow / green versions. While more muted - overall great shading and mix. Great attention to all the details. The skull crests are some of the best painted of all the figures.

Overall one of the best Dilophosaurus models.

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Dilophosaurus Dinosaur Facts:
Dilophosaurus is a genus of theropod dinosaurs (hollow bones and 3 toed limbs) that lived in what is now North America about 193 million years ago. It was also the largest known land-animal of North America during the Early Jurassic period.

Slender and lightly built, its size was comparable to that of a brown bear. The largest known specimen weighed about 400 kilograms (880 lb), measured about 7 meters (23 ft) in length, and its skull was 590 millimeters (23 in) long.

Its snout was narrow, and the upper jaw had a gap or "kink" below the nostril. It had a pair of arched crests on its skull. The lower jaw was slender and delicate at the front, but deep at the back. The teeth were long, curved, thin, and compressed sideways. The teeth in the lower jaw were much smaller than those of the upper jaw. Most of the teeth had serrations at their front and back edges. The neck was long and its arms were powerful, with a long and slender upper arm bone.

Interestingly, the Dilophosaurus' hands had four fingers (Theropods typically only have 3); the first was short but strong and bore a large claw, the two following fingers were longer and slenderer with smaller claws; the fourth was genetically unusable.

The Papo Dilophosaurus #55035 is part of the Dinosaur series by Papo.

This is a hand painted figure.

Made of durable synthetic material. Hand Painted.

Product Code: 55035

by Papo

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Dilophosaurus (Papo)
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Papo Dinosaurs - Dilophosaurus #55035

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