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Barn Owl (Mojo)Zoom

Barn Owl (Mojo)

Item# MOJO-381054
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A nice looking barn owl, new in 2023 from Mojo. Stands sturdy, well balanced on its feet and tail. Orange and brown in color, except near the head itís lighter.

Mojo Barn Owl measures:
2" T x 2.5" L.

Mojo Barn Owl Review:

The figure stands balanced on its sturdy feet, with a lifelike posture making it a visually captivating model. One of the standout features of this figurine is the remarkable attention to detail on the face of the barn owl. The intricate sculpting captures the essence of the owl's facial features flawlessly. The eyes are nice, with a gloss finish. The feathered beak looks realistic. A good amount of detail paid to the head of this figure. Color transitions from a rich orange hue on the body to a delicate light peach on the head and creates a gradient effect, there are soft brown stripes to accent the flight feathers and wings.

Barn Owl Information:

Barn owls typically inhabit open grasslands, farmlands, marshes, and agricultural areas. They nest in cavities, such as tree hollows, barns, and abandoned buildings. Unlike many other owl species, barn owls are not strictly nocturnal and can be active during both day and night, although they are primarily crepuscular, meaning they are most active during dawn and dusk.

These owls are highly efficient hunters and primarily feed on small mammals, such as mice, voles, rats, shrews, and sometimes even small birds. They possess exceptional hearing capabilities, thanks to their specialized facial disc, which helps them locate prey in total darkness solely by sound. Barn owls also play an essential role in controlling rodent populations in agricultural areas.

Barn owls are generally monogamous, with pairs forming long-term bonds. They produce distinctive calls, including eerie screeches and hisses, for communication and locating their mate. Females lay a clutch of 4 to 7 eggs, and both parents take turns incubating them for around 30 to 34 days. The young owls, known as owlets, are altricial, meaning they are born featherless and rely on their parents for food and protection. They gradually develop their flight feathers and leave the nest after about 8 to 10 weeks.

These magnificent birds have captivated human interest and are often celebrated for their beauty and their role in natural pest control. They are sometimes associated with superstitions and folklore in different cultures, being symbols of wisdom, mystery, and silent flight.

Product Code: #381054

by Mojo

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Mojo Wildlife - Barn Owl #381054

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