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Owl - Snowy (Mojo)

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The Mojo Snowy Owl figure captures the snowy owl's distinctive features, including its rounded head, striking yellow eyes, and dense, white plumage with subtle black markings. The texture of the feathers is meticulously rendered, giving the figure a lifelike appearance. The pose of the snowy owl, perched and alert, reflects its natural stance in the wild, ready to take flight or observe its surroundings.

The coloration of the figure is true to the natural hues of the species, with the primary white coat accented by black spots and bars, which are characteristic of this bird. The detailed eyes of the figure convey the piercing and watchful gaze of a snowy owl, emphasizing its predatory nature. The figure's proportions are well-balanced, capturing the robust and powerful build of the snowy owl. Hoot Hoot.

The Mojo Snowy Owl figure measures 1.75" long by 2.1" tall.

Snowy owls are one of the most recognizable and admired owl species in the world. Native to the Arctic regions of North America and Eurasia, these birds are specially adapted to cold environments. They are characterized by their thick plumage, which provides excellent insulation against the frigid temperatures of their natural habitat. The snowy owl's feathers are predominantly white, aiding in camouflage against the snowy landscape, while the black markings, more prominent in females and juveniles, help to break up their outline and provide additional concealment.

One of the most striking features of snowy owls is their large, yellow eyes. These eyes are not only a defining physical trait but also play a crucial role in their hunting strategy. Snowy owls are diurnal, meaning they are active during the day, unlike many other owl species that are nocturnal. Their keen eyesight allows them to spot prey from great distances, even in the low-light conditions typical of the Arctic winter. They primarily hunt small mammals, such as lemmings and voles, but their diet can also include birds and fish.

Part of the Woodland Series by Mojo.

Suitable for Ages 3 and Up.

Made of durable synthetic material. Hand Painted.

Product Code: MOJO-387201

Mojo 387201

by Mojo

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Owl - Snowy (Mojo)
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Mojo Wildlife - Snowy Owl #387201

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